Are you ready for a Spring Fling? I am.

I love that spring I get in my step when Spring arrives. It’s the season of renewal and, for most people, the time to refresh their home environment. This year, having been stuck at home, due to you-know-what, I feel it more than ever.

Years ago I created a Spring Fling blog post series, and I’m shaking the dust off it now to share again, here in this digest.

You can follow each day’s Spring Fling activities, or pick and choose the activities that work for you. Most of these take just a few minutes. Let me now what you think.

Spring FlingDay 1 – Rubbish

Day 2 – Bathroom

Day 3 – Dining Table

Day 4 – Kitchen Counter

Day 5 – Knives

Day 6 – Pots and Pans

Day 7 – Cookbooks

Day 8 – Vases

Day 9 – Books

Day 10 – Handbags

Day 11 – Shoes

Day 12 – Wardrobe

Day 13 – Inside the Handbag

Day 14 – Sporting Equipment

Day 15 – Half Full Containers

Day 16 – Stationery

Day 17 – Sticky Notes

Day 18 – Email Inbox

Day 19 – Baby Gear

Day 20 – Toys

Day 21 – Games

Day 22 – 5 Things

Day 23 – The Gift Stash

Day 24 – Under the Bed

Day 25 – Pillows

Day 26 – Magazines

Day 27 – Utensils Drawer

Day 28 – Your Car

Day 29 – Paperwork

Day 30 – Habits


The Lesson

Did you notice that I didn’t ask you to make massive changes all at once? The key to prolonged success is progress, not perfection.


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