Angela Esnouf, The Professional Organiser's Edge

The Professional Organiser’s Edge is an ongoing, ever-growing essential resource for Professional Organisers.

This program is PERFECT for you if:

  • you’re ready to make your organising business more profitable than ever
  • you’re ready to boost your skills and be the best organiser you can be
  • you want to serve your ideal clients in the best way possible

This program is NOT for you if:

  • you don’t want to improve your bottom line
  • you don’t want to expand your knowledge
  • you don’t believe you have it in you to deliver excellent service to your clients

Here’s what you get each and every month, and why it gives you and your business the Edge:

  • a live webinar class to increase professional development and skills
  • a certificate upon successful completion of each class
  • a recording of that class, so you can come back to it again and again
  • access to library of 90+ past class recordings, so you can dig deep into your area of interest
  • access to professional resources including templates, forms and checklists to streamline and develop your business
  • listing on the Find Organising Help directory
  • monthly live Q&A group meeting
  • a private Facebook group, so you can share experiences in confidence, find ongoing support, be accountable and extend your learning
  • 24/7 access to membership resources
  • SOS email support
  • 1:1 mentoring at 33% off the standard rate

In addition, Expert and Elite member levels include mentoring and even more benefits. See below for full details.

  • Monthly 30-minute 1:1 Mentoring
    (valued at $1080)
  • Kickstart 60-minute 1:1 Mentoring Session
    (valued at $180)
  • Annual Website Review
  • Monthly Live Webinar
    (valued at $47 each)
  • Library of past Class Recordings
  • Collection of PDF Resources
  • Monthly Live Q&A Group Meeting
  • Find Organising Help Directory Listing
  • Private Facebook Community
  • SOS Email Support
  • Additional Mentoring
    @ 33% off standard rate

3 months Membership


12 months Membership


12 months Membership

12 x $90
12 x $90

12 months VIP Membership


12 months VIP Membership

12 x $130
12 x $130

So why did I develop The Professional Organiser’s Edge?

I love to see my fellow professional organisers succeed in their businesses, and deliver excellent service to their clients.  I also love to share what I’ve learned throughout my organising career (since 2005).  Over the years, I have made significant contributions to the organising industry in Australia, and I continue to be active in the industry globally.

You’ll find a range of topics, designed for every professional organiser, whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or experienced and wanting more for you and your business.

Past Classes, available now

If you’re just starting out as an organiser, listen to:

  • The Winning Needs Assessment
  • Mistakes I’ve Made & How You Can Avoid Them
  • How to Make Money as a Professional Organiser
  • Keeping Client Records
  • Safety First!
  • and so much more

When ready to grow your organising business, listen to:

  • Virtual Consultations
  • Beyond 1:1 Consulting
  • So You Want to Work with a Hoarder?
  • How to Create & Present Winning Workshops
  • Speaking to Grow Your Organising Business
  • and so much more

If you’re ready to make more money as an organiser, listen to:

  • Know Your Numbers
  • Create Irresistible Packages
  • Conversations that Convert
  • Turn Your Organising Talents into Products for Sale
  • Fresh Ideas to Kickstart Your Best Year Yet
  • and so much more

If you want to sharpen your organising skills, listen to:

  • How to Be an Organising Detective
  • Motivate Your Clients to the Next Level
  • Is Your Client Ready for Change?
  • Whose Goal Is It Anyway?
  • Honouring the Past, Living for Now
  • and so much more

There are over 100 recordings and other resources available to members of The Professional Organiser’s Edge.

Download the list of Professional Organiser's Edge Library of Resources

Testimonials for The Professional Organiser’s Edge

If you’re looking at beefing up your organising skills, I’d highly recommend the Professional Organiser’s Edge. This programme gives you access to over 100 classes and resources on topics related not only to decluttering and organising but also to marketing and administration specific to the professional organising industry. When I joined the programme, I had already been a professional organiser for 7 years and thought I knew a fair bit about our profession, but Angela Esnouf’s wealth of knowledge is truly impressive. She’s obviously passionate about helping professional organisers grow in their job and shares her knowledge very generously. The community she has developed in her Facebook group is also a valuable source of information and the topics for discussion that she brings in keep you thinking. Definitely an excellent investment! Nathalie Ricaud, Get Organised & Beyond

Feeling super inspired and have so many ideas to work on. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing with such generosity your insights, wisdom and business!Danielle Atkins, Declutter Life

The Professional Organiser’s Edge membership program has an extensive library of fantastic resources, which is tremendously useful, especially if you’re just starting out and looking to get an expert view on this industry and ways to develop your business, skillset and experience. Georgia Holmes, Thriving Spaces

I have really enjoyed listening to the [Professional Organiser’s Edge] teleclasses. They reinforced and elaborated on what I learnt in the 5 day course. Your presentations are a pleasure to listen to.  I would gladly recommend you as a trainer to anyone who is interested in becoming an organiser, or anyone who is already an organiser and wants to extend their knowledge.  Thanks again for being such a great trainer and a lovely person.  Tracey Warren, Professional Organising Solutions, Adelaide

Angela has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is always happy to share from the moment you meet her. I have completed many of her workshops and webinars which are easy to follow, practical and extremely relevant to my clients needs. The Professional Organiser’s Edge provides up to date information about current trends that keep us up to date. Her daily Facebook posts always get you thinking and motivated. I highly value and appreciate your mentoring and advice. Rachael Wald, Time to Tidy

I want to send a big thankyou to Angela Esnouf, a friend, a mentor and a wise lady. My conversation with Angela today helped me validate where I was heading in my business and to accept the ebbs and flows with positivity. Thanks Angela, what you offer is truly invaluable. Marion Ivermee-Villarosa, A Place of Calm

Angela, I always enjoy the way you present information, the format you use and the content. Thanks for sharing so openly.Julie Cliff, Space and Time

My business has had a steady growth the last year, and personally I have grown as well thanks to your wonderful support and teleclasses.  Nathalie Brantsma, iQuitClutter

I just wanted to say that you are really an amazing support to so many of us. Thank you for being so generous with your advice, resources, and time. It’s truly appreciated.  Louise Weavell, Zen Organising


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