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Thank you to my wonderful trainees and program members for these testimonials.

Thank you so much, Angela. I have loved this course and feel so supported by you. I liked that I could do it in my own time. I liked that it was broken up into sections so I felt like I had achieved something each time I finished one. I liked your calm and caring voice and how encouraging you are. Kirsty Preyer

I always get so much out of your newsletters, meetings, training, etc. It gets me more and more excited each time I learn something new! Kendall Barter, Organised Spaces by Kendall

I value personal development. Why? Because the truth is I don’t know everything (no one does). One of the first organising courses I ever did was with my friend and colleague Angela Esnouf from The Professional Organiser’s Edge. I’ve learnt a lot from Angela, who has over a decade of Professional Organising experience. It’s been a few years now since I did the course; however, the education I’ve received has helped my business grow, and I still refer to the training material to this day. Joey Camilleri, Creating Positive Spaces

If you’re looking at beefing up your organising skills, I’d highly recommend the Professional Organiser’s Edge. This programme gives you access to over 100 classes and resources on topics related not only to decluttering and organising but also to marketing and administration specific to the professional organising industry. When I joined the programme, I had already been a professional organiser for 7 years and thought I knew a fair bit about our profession, but Angela Esnouf’s wealth of knowledge is truly impressive. She’s obviously passionate about helping professional organisers grow in their job and shares her knowledge very generously. The community she has developed in her Facebook group is also a valuable source of information and the topics for discussion that she brings in keep you thinking. Definitely an excellent investment! Nathalie Ricaud, Get Organised & Beyond

I would gladly recommend Angela’s inspiring and motivating Professional Organiser training to anyone who is interested in becoming an organiser. I loved the course and really appreciated Angela’s practical, straightforward and genuine style. She is generous in her knowledge, advice and guidance and is able to bring together a wealth of information and expertise in a way that’s not overwhelming or confusing. The course gave me the motivation and confidence to pursue a career I’ve been thinking about for many years, so thank you Angela for getting me to finally take action! The Professional Organiser’s Edge membership program has an extensive library of fantastic resources, which is tremendously useful, especially if you’re just starting out and looking to get an expert view on this industry and ways to develop your business, skillset and experience. Georgia Holmes, Thriving Spaces

Angela has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is always happy to share from the moment you meet her. I have completed many of her workshops and webinars which are easy to follow, practical and extremely relevant to my clients needs. The Professional Organiser’s Edge provides up to date information about current trends that keep us up to date. Her daily Facebook posts always get you thinking and motivated. I highly value and appreciate your mentoring and advice. Rachael Wald, Time to Tidy

I absolutely loved the course and your amazing guidance! Thank you SO much for all your wonderful knowledge and everything you do! Joanne Melluso, Everyday Sanctuary

I want to send a big thankyou to Angela Esnouf, a friend, a mentor and a wise lady. My conversation with Angela today helped me validate where I was heading in my business and to accept the ebbs and flows with positivity. Thanks Angela, what you offer is truly invaluable. Marion Ivermee-Villarosa, A Place of Calm

I had been considering starting a professional decluttering service for several years so decided to undergo training with Angela. I enjoyed every moment of her training and her style of delivery. I especially appreciated the opportunity to visit an organisation that had engaged in her service and provide input and ideas into how she could help them solve their small space issue. I highly recommend Angela and her courses. She is professional, generous and sincerely passionate about assisting others live a clutter free life. Jenny Gleeson

I began Angela’s Professional Organiser training with the idea it would be a good introduction to my new career choice.  I finished Angela’s Professional Organisers training convinced it was a GREAT idea as my new career!  Thank you Angela for providing a thorough, insightful and educational kick start to what I hope will be a satisfying and rewarding occupation.  Fiona Chapple

I just wanted to say that you are really an amazing support to so many of us. Thank you for being so generous with your advice, resources, and time. It’s truly appreciated.  Louise Weavell, Zen Organising

Feeling super inspired and have so many ideas to work on. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing with such generosity your insights, wisdom and business!  Danielle Atkins

Angela, I always enjoy the way you present information, the format you use and the content. Thanks for sharing so openly.  Julie Cliff, Space and Time

Thank you Angela for your informative and insightful online Professional Organisers training. I have always wanted to be a Professional Organiser and you have given me the confidence, courage and in-depth knowledge to pursue my dream career. Throughout the training I always felt that you had my best interests at heart and you helped put me in the right direction. The Edge membership was invaluable too, thank you!  I am truly grateful for your training and I’m so excited for the future!  Loren Rowden, Creatively Organised, Cairns

My business has had a steady growth the last year, and personally I have grown as well thanks to your wonderful support and teleclasses.  Nathalie Brantsma, iQuitClutter

I have really enjoyed listening to the [Professional Organiser’s Edge] classes. They reinforced and elaborated on what I learnt in the 5 day course. Your presentations are a pleasure to listen to.  I would gladly recommend you as a trainer to anyone who is interested in becoming an organiser, or anyone who is already an organiser and wants to extend their knowledge.  Thanks again for being such a great trainer and a lovely person.  Tracey Warren, Professional Organising Solutions, Adelaide

Thank you so much Angela for being my mentor, I greatly appreciate the quality of information you provided me with throughout our sessions.  You are a professional and trustworthy person who gives their best at all times and I have since learnt you have a very good reputation in the organising community.  You provide a unique service to Professional Organisers and I would highly recommend you as a Mentor along with your Professional Organiser’s Edge.  I feel more confident, more motivated, my outlook has broadened and my knowledge is deeper because of you.  You were able to answer all of my questions with solid answers.  I look forward to reaping the rewards of your advice in the future.  You are a true lady Angela.  Vicki Koutroubas, Your Personal Organiser

I’ve enjoyed the training enormously. It’s great value for money and I feel I have learned a lot that will help me to start my own business and become a professional organiser. The structure of the course suited me well. I was not only able to gain some insight into the business through the hands on client sessions but also through the generously shared knowledge by Angela. Thank you!  Chantal Imbach, Photos in Order

It was a wonderful course. I have learned a lot within 5 days. You really helped me see all the possibilities in this business in Thailand! You helped me tailor my business. I think it would be much harder for me to start up a business without doing this course. Thank you so much Angela!  Cherry Thiensunchai, Thailand

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