About Angela Esnouf

Hello! I’m Angela Esnouf, from Creating Order from Chaos and The Professional Organiser’s Edge. I know that getting organised has the power to transform lives. I’ve been helping clients create order from chaos since 2005. I’ve seen lives and homes transformed and I still get a thrill from helping people and making a living doing what I love. Now, as the founder and lead educator of The Professional Organiser’s Edge, I get to help other people experience that same thrill.

As a veteran of the organising industry in Australia, I train, mentor and support up-and-coming professional organisers. It’s a joy to see my colleagues, new and experienced, succeed with integrity and excellence.

If you want to become a professional organiser, there are two online training courses. I also provide a range of training and mentoring options for established organisers. There’s The Professional Organiser’s Edge membership program, and 1:1 mentoring.

I’m a strong believer in professional development. It keeps me up to date with best practice and new developments in the industry.

Angela Esnouf

My Credentials are:

  • A leader in the organising industry in Australia since 2005
  • Subscriber of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization
  • Specialist Certificates in
    • Chronic Disorganisation (CD)
    • Hoarding
    • ADHD
  • Certificates of Study in
    • Learning Modalities & Styles
    • Time Management & Productivity
    • Client Management
    • Life Transitions and the Client Affected by CD
    • Understanding the Needs of the Aging CD Client
    • Students and Learning Theories
    • Health Issues and Conditions and the Client Affected by CD


10 more things about me

  1. My personal motto is “Live well. Laugh often. Love much”.
  2. I live a stone’s throw from the beach, and I love to get out walking in the fresh air.
  3. I also live a stone’s throw from the city, and I love to go to the theatre and restaurants.
  4. I love both the opera and football. They have me on the edge of my seat. Go Tiges!
  5. I’m a cat lover but I don’t actually have one at the moment. My husband and I travel a lot, so it wouldn’t be fair.
  6. I have a thing for squares. They make my heart sing. Read about it here.
  7. Family is everything to me. I’m an adopted only child of migrants and grew up with no other blood relatives in Australia. Now my kids are grown, and our family is growing again. The flexibility of my work means I can be involved in their lives.
  8. I’m a child at heart, a fan of both Harry Potter and LEGO.
  9. In high school my nickname was Yoghurt because for a whole year I had a yoghurt for lunch every single day. I am a creature of habit.
  10. I run another business too, and it’s all about hoarding.

And if you still want to know more, here’s a little something extra.




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