I guess it’s no accident that my Creating Order from Chaos logo is all about squares. It turns out a lot of the things I like to do for fun and relaxation involve squares.

First there’s cross-stitch. Embroidering free style has never been my thing. But oh, those neat little crosses in gorgeous coloured thread that build to create a picture. That’s been making my heart sing since I started at the age of 11.

Then there’s pixel puzzles. Look it up. I love all kinds of logic puzzles, but this is my absolute favourite. Those neat little squares with number clues get my brain firing to look at the all the angles and possibilities and solve seemingly impossible problems.

And most recently I’ve found diamond painting. Similar to paint-by-numbers and cross-stitch, this craft gives me mindful moments, when all I focus on is the motion of picking up the next “diamond” and placing it squarely on its coded spot. The end result is a glittery picture, but I am in love with the process more than the outcome.

How curious! When I first realised that these things that I choose to spend my time on involve squares – predictable and precise – I wondered about why. I get a calm feeling of being in control when I play with those squares. I like order.

No surprise then, that my business name is Creating Order from Chaos and the logo features squares coming into order.

(There are lots of things in my life that don’t involve squares too, but that’s something for another post.)

But here’s the thing. I realise very well that order, predictability and precision do not come naturally or easily for my organising clients. These are things they struggle with, and often crave. I also know that neat little squares are not for everyone. While they instil calm in me, they may seem cold and charmless to others.

But you know what? When I work with my clients – and I love to work with disorganised people! – it’s not about what works for me. It’s all about what works for them.

That’s why, as any good professional organiser would, I take the time to find out about my client’s needs and preferences. I want to know about how their mind works, what makes them feel safe, comfortable and happy, how their home supports them, and what they want to change.

If they want to introduce more squares into their life, I can help them to do that. But squares are not the only way to have a joyful heart, stimulate your brain or bring mindfulness and calm to your life. I love the challenge of finding the right fit of organising strategies to meet my client’s needs. If what they really want is more fun, flexibility and freedom, I’d be happy to help them achieve that too.

I Love Squares


The Lesson

Organising is not a one-size-fits-all thing.

If you’re an up-and-coming organiser yourself, talk to me about how to customise your service to meet the needs of your ideal clients.

If you’re someone who wants to get organised, choose an organiser who will take your unique needs and preferences into account. Take a look here for a good selection.


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