Angela Esnouf’s Online Professional Organiser Training Program is designed to

  • give you essential skills you can put into practice immediately
  • help you deliver excellent service to every client
  • help you see the many untapped business growth possibilities for your business
  • have you consulting with confidence
  • help you book clients and make money right away
  • let you learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home

The Online Professional Organiser Training Modules are:

  • Module 1 – What to Expect from Your Professional Organising Career
  • Module 2 – Strong Client Connection
  • Module 3 – Confident Consultation
  • Module 4 – Tools & Systems
  • Module 5 – Case Studies
  • Module 6 – Finding Your Place in the Market
  • Module 7 – Marketing Your Professional Organiser Business
  • Module 8 – Where to From Here?

Topics covered in the Online Professional Organiser Training include:

  • What to expect on the job – everything you need to know so you can hit the ground running
  • What it takes to be a Professional Organiser – so you can be a great one
  • A Day in the Life of a Professional Organiser & Myth-Busting Insider Information – to enter the industry with eyes wide open
  • Ethical practice – so you gain a first-class reputation
  • Converting enquiries into bookings – to start making money from your first call
  • Safety on the job – because nothing is more important than you
  • Essential Professional Organiser tools – to start every project prepared for action
  • Tips and strategies for working with clients of all kinds – so you benefit from my years of experience and don’t make rookie mistakes
  • Creating strong client relationships – the basis of repeat business, great service and referrals
  • Case studies – to see the wide variety of organising consultations, cement your learning and help you deal with any scenario that comes your way
  • Beyond consulting – to discover potential untapped streams of income
  • Marketing strategies that work in this industry – so your ideal client will be drawn to hire you
  • Recommended suppliers & resources – discover what you need and where to get it so you don’t have to do the research
  • Recommended reading – because I know you love to continue improving your skills and knowledge

This training program comes with an extra bonus – 3 months access to Elite membership of The Professional Organiser’s Edge.

In addition, selected graduates will qualify for inclusion on the Find Organising Help directory.  *conditions apply

  • The ability to learn and develop your skills at your own pace
  • 8 modules of valuable lessons and essential knowledge
  • Over 80 pages of supporting material designed to assist your learning
  • A variety of curated Bonus downloadable PDFs - to expand your knowledge
  • Thought-provoking exercises – to strengthen your knowledge and skills
  • 8 quick quizzes – to test your knowledge and improve your abilities
  • Certificate on successful completion – to celebrate and acknowledge your professional development
  • 3 months access to Elite membership of The Professional Organiser’s Edge (valued at $374) – you are supported all the way in your new career

Online Professional Organiser Training








I would gladly recommend Angela’s inspiring and motivating Professional Organiser training to anyone who is interested in becoming an organiser. I loved the course and really appreciated Angela’s practical, straightforward and genuine style. She is generous in her knowledge, advice and guidance and is able to bring together a wealth of information and expertise in a way that’s not overwhelming or confusing. The course gave me the motivation and confidence to pursue a career I’ve been thinking about for many years, so thank you Angela for getting me to finally take action! Georgia Holmes, Thriving SpacesSave

I absolutely loved the course and your amazing guidance! Thank you SO much for all your wonderful knowledge and everything you do! Joanne Melluso, Everyday Sanctuary

Thank you Angela for your informative and insightful online Professional Organisers training. I have always wanted to be a Professional Organiser and you have given me the confidence, courage and in-depth knowledge to pursue my dream career. Throughout the training I always felt that you had my best interests at heart and you helped put me in the right direction. The Edge membership was invaluable too, thank you!  I am truly grateful for your training and I’m so excited for the future! Loren Rowden, Creatively Organised, Cairns

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