Spring has sprung and isn’t it wonderful to see the flowers blooming? Our natural human instinct is to fling open the windows, let some fresh air inside and chase the dust away with the cold of winter.

This Spring especially – due to prolonged lockdown/isolation/general grumpiness from the effects of COVID-19 – I look forward to spring cleaning my home. How about you?

I love the feeling of renewal that a good spring clean brings. I love the process of cleaning, clearing and preparing for what’s next. I love the sense of empowerment.

As an organiser, I love the sound of my phone running hot with calls for my organising services. It seems other people want that feeling of renewal too. But not everybody has the time or the skills to do it well.

Undoubtedly, Spring is the busiest time in my business. As soon as the daffodils show their faces, I know I can expect the phone to run hot. It happens every year.

Just as I welcome Spring and that feeling of starting afresh, so do my organising clients. I’ve seen it in many other organising businesses as well. In fact, many of the conversations I’ve had with my Professional Organiser’s Edge members lately centre around how to fit so many clients into their schedules.

This year – the infamous 2020 – there is the surprise added element of COVID. I did wonder if it would impact the usual pattern of human behaviour, and how. Of course it has had an impact. That monumental global event has shaken us all. In the main, the pattern has continued.

Spring has SprungSpring flowers bloom ––> people want to get organised ––> they look for help ––> organisers are ready to help.

Organisers can help in many ways. They –

  • physically sift through piles, boxes, drawers and shelves
  • create space
  • make finding things easier
  • help with decisions about what to keep and where to keep it
  • make it easier to retrieve items that are needed
  • streamline routines
  • share strategies for getting things done
  • transfer skills to make life easier
  • and so much more


The Lesson

Just like the certainty that Spring follows Winter, there will certainly be patterns in human behaviour which drive a natural urge to clean, to clear out and to get organised. And just as the world keeps turning and the seasons keep changing, there will be patterns which make an ebb and flow in the organising industry as well.

Looking for an organiser to help you this Spring (or any time)? Take a look at the Find Organising Help directory.


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