Spring has sprung!

It’s time to fling open the windows and fling out anything you no longer need, use or love.  It’s time for a Spring Fling.  And for the next 30 days I’ll be sharing tips and stories to help you declutter in your own way and in your own time.

Of course, if you need help to achieve more, we are here ready to help.  We have people ready to help with in-person or virtual consultations.  Just say the word.  You can email from our Contact Page here or phone Angela on 0403 164 468.

Now back to today’s tip (and this is one that Peter Walsh often talks about) –

The Trash Bag Tango.  Grab a garbage bag, move through your home, quickly grab anything that’s rubbish and toss it in that bag.  Then toss the bag.  It’s simple really, but this one step can kick start your Spring Fling.

Check back tomorrow for another tip.

And may your Spring bring you laughter and light, and hopes and dreams fulfilled.


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