Here comes Fathers Day. You can tell by the value packs of socks, jocks and aftershave for sale in the department stores.valet2

If you would rather get the dad in your life something more original, or if your dad secretly longs to get organised, here are 10 gift suggestions that hit the mark. Some of them will save dad time. Some will keep dad organised. And some will help dad pursue hobbies and interests in an organised way.

  • David Allen’s classic productivity book, How to Get Things Done
  • A car boot organiser
  • A personalised “Get Organised” plan (call Angela on 0403 164 468 to find out more)
  • Cooking lessons
  • A subscription to an online family history service
  • A valet (the non-human kind) to make dressing easier
  • An attractive dish to hold keys and coins at the end of the day
  • A space-saving wine rack
  • Drawer dividers to make it easier to store those value packs of jocks and socks
  • A lawn mowing service



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