Let the  sunshine in

So here we come to the final day of our Spring Fling.  And the most important of our challenges.

Today I want you to consider your habits.

Which habits are supporting you and your goals?  For instance …

  • brushing your teeth
  • selecting good quality, healthy meals
  • reading to improve knowledge
  • and so many more

And which habits are having a negative effect on our lives?  For example …

  • overshopping
  • putting things down where they don’t belong “just for now”
  • arriving late for work

I know it’s impossible to change habits in just one day.  I also know it’s impossible to change many habits at once.

But it is possible to make a start on a habit that affects you negatively.

The start I want you to make is to observe.  Just watch your habits for a week.

After one week, you can choose whether or not you want to change any of your habits.


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