I love lists. They are a great way to get things out of my head and into an organised way to retrieve when needed.I love Lists - Chief List Maker

I love lists and my friends and family know it. I’m the one they turn to whenever a list is required. My love for lists has even inspired some gifts over the years, like my “Chief List Maker” badge and the List Your Self book.

So today I thought I’d share a few list tips with you, as well as some types of lists you may not have considered using.

Let’s start with the classic Shopping List. I keep mine on the fridge door. Whenever we run out of something it’s easy to add to the shopping list. The next one in our house to go shopping never has to wonder if the list is complete. It always is. I do go the extra mile and write the list according to the shopping aisles, but my husband is not as familiar with the supermarket layout, so he doesn’t. And here’s a quick, easy way to create a magnetic shopping list. I just take a regular notepad and attach a fridge magnet to the back with double-sided tape. (Isn’t that a great way to repurpose that magnetic calendar from your local real estate agent?)

I created a Packing List for my frequent weekend trips away. No more forgetting the phone charger, walking shoes or moisturiser because I my packing list includes everything I need on one single laminated page. I keep it in the bottom drawer of my bedside table, ready for action.

Next are the straight up lists of Movies to See, Places to Visit in My Lifetime, and Books to Read. I take that books list a step further. If I enjoy a particular author or series of books, I list the titles in series order. That way I know which book to borrow or buy next.

I Love Lists - List Your SelfAnd then there are the lists that help us learn something about ourselves. The List Your Self book has over 200 pages of lists to complete. It’ll keep me amused for a while yet, since I have completed very few of the 200+ so far. Here are some that I found enlightening.

  • The best gifts you’ve ever been given – it helped me realise what I value most in life.
  • The compliments you regularly receive – a mini Fabulous File.
  • All the activities you’d do if you weren’t afraid – the good news that as I reread that list I saw some of the things I’d already accomplished, even though I was afraid.
  • All the habits you’ve successfully kicked – tick!
  • What to do to restore your soul – perfect to have on hand when times are tough.

Are you a list lover too? Can you list the things you love about lists?



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