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Last week I worked on my testimonials web page. In the process, I received some wonderful testimonials from past and current clients. Not only did it improve my website and marketing, but it really filled my cup, and don’t we all need some of that lately?

So I decided to dedicate this past week to the Fabulous File. That’s something I learned about from Angela Raspass at a conference long ago. She encourages everyone to keep a Fabulous File – a place to store all the thank yous, the testimonials, the things that lift us up when we are feeling low. I’ve kept a Fabulous File ever since and encourage all my clients to do the same.

Each day this week I’ve been sharing ideas on this topic with my Professional Organiser’s Edge members. (There’s a private Facebook group where we hang out.)

How to Set up a Fabulous File

You may be wondering how do you create a Fabulous File? Actually, I have 3, each using different methods.

  1. Hard copy messages and cards go into a small gift bag that I keep handy in the cupboard next to my desk. I’m happy to say that over the years I’ve had to increase the size of that gift bag.
  2. An email folder for all the things that arrive by email.
  3. A folder on my phone’s camera roll for screenshots of social media comments, photos of people and things that lift me up.

There really is no end to the possibilities once you start to explore the idea. My advice to you is that whatever you use, make it easily accessible, so you can add things easily and dip into it whenever you need to. The gift bag in my office cupboard is a visual reminder whenever I open the door.

Do you keep a gratitude journal, a daily journal, or a collection of affirmations? Or perhaps you have one motto that you live your life by? The best of those things also belong in your Fabulous File. I’ve found it useful when helping a client to sort and organise their memorabilia. If they have a collection of pieces of paper torn from magazines, notes from a self help class, etc. the Fabulous File is a great place to store the most special reminders. The rest can be gently let go.

If you’re in business, it can even help with your branding and marketing. Got birthday cards from friends? What words do they use to describe you? Got thank you messages from clients? What do they appreciate most about working with you?

My Challenge to You

  1. If you haven’t started a Fabulous File yet, start one today.
  2. Pull out the items from your Fabulous File and enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings whenever you need a lift.
  3. Look for themes, recurring words, and let these guide your thoughts on branding.


Bonus Challenge!

Why not reach out to the people and clients that have inspired you, or who’ve been inspired by you? It will lift everyone’s spirits, and you just might land in their Fabulous File.

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