Hands On Assistance

Thank you so much for helping me to get organised!  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m getting things done and I feel like I have some control back which feels amazing.  Kate Claringbould, Off the Page eMarketing

If you’re in a tangle and need some calm check out Creating Order from Chaos. I worked with Angela to get my office sorted in the last house and it was bliss.  Liz Foulds, Mumpreneur

Heading off to my studio that is now a calm space (THANK YOU ANGELA!!!) and am looking forward to going to work to produce creative, colourful and interesting works, now that I am not surrounded by clutter and distracting objects that I no longer need. Thanks Angela!  Jenie Yolland, Jenie Yolland Glass Art

You are a gem and a star in the cosmos.  Trevor Givoni, Carnegie

I found it energising to work with someone who had the energy and clarity to implement an agreed plan of attack. The time passed quickly and I was able to do more in between sessions. Angela was encouraging and not judgmental.  The benefits to me were:

  • I gained clarity and confidence about the use of space and the items in each space
  • My family and I gained the use of a whole room
  • I was able to access hobbies, memorabilia and work resources more easily
  • The pantry functioned better (and it still does), saving time looking for things and money in not buying doubles
  • I have a better system for bill paying and filing documents
  • I reclaimed some personal space and space in my head
  • It felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders
  • I would really recommend this service. Having the input from a professional like Angela makes all the difference in tackling difficulties and making improvements.  Anonymous

When I was in need of some serious organising as my business grew, Angela was able to give me clever but simple ideas to help me de-clutter and do things more efficiently.Where I didn’t have the expertise, Angela showed me how to do it. I’d recommend Angela for home or office-organising to save you time and stress.  Janet Powell

I feel so much better now my house if almost 100% clutter free. Always work to be done, but I now feel like I can do it!!! ’cause you showed me how. Thank you. Now I feel like I can breathe again!  Ange Di Corrado-Brancatella, Maldini Cakes

With so much going on in my busy life, the build up of clutter was getting really frustrating. It was not only taking up physical space but “mind” space as well and starting to get in the way of running my successful business. Angela helped me sort it all out. She created space for me so that all the most important tools were right on hand. Now I can get on with what I love doing most. 7 weeks later, I am still de-cluttered! Thanks Angela.  Wendy Chamberlain, www.socialpropertyselling.com

Angela was a big help in me turning things around. I couldn’t get anywhere and was sinking in the quicksand. My brain was muddled because my OFFICE was chaotic! I desperately needed to declutter both!  Chris Owen

The ten hours that we invested in your help was one of the very best investments we made. You understood that sorting things out was an emotional issue as well as one of getting order back into our lives. Our only regret is that we had not sought your help sooner, chaos should not be part of anyone’s life as it does take away the comfort and joy of one’s home.  Jenny Moss, Moss Financial Services

Thanks for your work with me. My office is looking clean and clear and twice the size! I feel I can think more clearly now without the clutter breathing down my neck.  Imogen Lamport, Bespoke Image

If your personality type has led you down the path of being a clutter-bunny, and you really want to make change, but can’t make change on your own, then I recommend Angela Esnouf, Professional Organiser, from Creating Order from Chaos. Angela understands that everyone has obsessive-compulsive personality traits, but for some, it is far greater than others. Working one-on-one, within your mess and clutter, over an agreed time, Angela will guide you step-by-step to accomplish well-organised surrounds. Angela is gracious, sensitive, compassionate and has an amazing insight into OCD. You will suddenly become satisfied with your surroundings, seeing your living environment as something that can be managed, and will be everso surprised that order could be can from the chaos!  Glynis Ramsay, Murrumbeena

Angela helped me make ‘room’ in our little house for baby #3. We talked about my needs and ideas for storage and displays. Angela gave me some great advice on the day and followed up afterwards. We greatly appreciated Angela’s help and advice.  Deb Richards

I admire Angela’s unflappable and nurturing approach towards her work and her amazing ability for organisation and time management. Aside from these excellent skills, Angela is a good communicator, taking the time to listen and respond with care and good judgement.  Tanya, Blackburn

Thanks so much for organising my pantry Angela, the transformation was amazing. An organised pantry also means that I spend less at the supermarket.  Teresa, Bulleen

Angela was very helpful and asked the right questions to help me focus on my needs.  Madge, Camberwell

Angela’s business is about nutting out a plan of action, and actioning it! She is about realistic goals, realistic plans and realistic time frames. Angela delivers!  Kathleen, Blackburn

Professional Organiser Training & Mentoring, and The Professional Organiser’s Edge

I want to send a big thankyou to Angela Esnouf, a friend, a mentor and a wise lady. My conversation with Angela today helped me validate where I was heading in my business and to accept the ebbs and flows with positivity. Thanks Angela, what you offer is truly invaluable. Marion Ivermee-Villarosa, A Place of Calm

I began Angela’s Professional Organiser training with the idea it would be a good introduction to my new career choice.  I finished Angela’s Professional Organisers training convinced it was a GREAT idea as my new career!  Thank you Angela for providing a thorough, insightful and educational kick start to what I hope will be a satisfying and rewarding occupation.  Fiona Chapple, Bayside Organising

I just wanted to say that you are really an amazing support to so many of us. Thank you for being so generous with your advice, resources, and time. It’s truly appreciated.  Louise Weavell, Zen Organising

Feeling super inspired and have so many ideas to work on. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing with such generosity your insights, wisdom and business!  Danielle Atkins, Declutter Life

Angela, I always enjoy the way you present information, the format you use and the content. Thanks for sharing so openly.  Julie Cliff, Space and Time

Thank you Angela for your informative and insightful online Professional Organisers training. I have always wanted to be a Professional Organiser and you have given me the confidence, courage and in-depth knowledge to pursue my dream career. Throughout the training I always felt that you had my best interests at heart and you helped put me in the right direction. The Edge membership was invaluable too, thank you!  I am truly grateful for your training and I’m so excited for the future!  Loren Rowden, Creatively Organised, Cairns

My business has had a steady growth the last year, and personally I have grown as well thanks to your wonderful support and teleclasses.  Nathalie Brantsma, iQuitClutter

Thank you so much for the recent Professional Organiser training course. You are so very generous with your knowledge, experience & encouragement. I feel much more confident and that I am on the right path in becoming a PO. If prospective students wish to seek a reference, I would be very happy to help. Robyn McNeilly, Bespoke Organising

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Angela for over five years in the capacity of a dedicated AAPO volunteer and business owner.  In 2012 I chose Angela as a mentor in order to grow my own business & level of professionalism.  Angela is incredibly well regarded and supportive of her colleagues in the industry.  I recommend her wholeheartedly as an expert in her field and as a warm, caring and capable professional.  Leslee Stroud

I have really enjoyed listening to the [Professional Organiser’s Edge] teleclasses. They reinforced and elaborated on what I learnt in the 5 day course. Your presentations are a pleasure to listen to.  I would gladly recommend you as a trainer to anyone who is interested in becoming an organiser, or anyone who is already an organiser and wants to extend their knowledge.  Thanks again for being such a great trainer and a lovely person.  Tracey Warren, Professional Organising Solutions, Adelaide

Thank you so much Angela for being my mentor, I greatly appreciate the quality of information you provided me with throughout our sessions.  You are a professional and trustworthy person who gives their best at all times and I have since learnt you have a very good reputation in the AAPO Community.  You provide a unique service to Professional Organisers and I would highly recommend you as a Mentor along with your Professional Organisers Edge and Declutter Club.  I feel more confident, more motivated, my outlook has broadened and my knowledge is deeper because of you.  You were able to answer all of my questions with solid answers.  I also have to thank the AAPO Executive Committee Member who referred you.  I am very happy I took on their advice.  A referral from someone you trust is very powerful.  I look forward to reaping the rewards of your advice in the future.  You are a true lady Angela.  Vicki Koutroubas, Your Personal Organiser

Angela, without a doubt having you as my mentor was the best decision I’ve made to date regarding my business (big statement, but true).  I was able to implement a number of really good systems and I appreciate your input in developing new forms to support my business.  You also gave me heaps of ideas regarding marketing and without a doubt it’s paid off.  Here’s the other thing, I believe you are rich in knowledge and completely professional and I trusted you enough to look over my documents and provide feedback.  I can discuss challenges when working with clients and know the conversations are kept confidential and I don’t really think a price can be put on that type of thing. Oh, and another thing, my business has grown!  I’m really proud of my business Angela and I’ve gone from enjoying what I do, to really loving it – and recognising the difference.   By all means pass my number onto any potential mentees, happy to answer any questions they may have.  Carol Martyn, Dr Declutter

I’ve enjoyed the training enormously. It’s great value for money and I feel I have learned a lot that will help me to start my own business and become a professional organiser. The structure of the course suited me well. I was not only able to gain some insight into the business through the hands on client sessions but also through the generously shared knowledge by Angela. Thank you!  Chantal Imbach, Simply In Order

I found Angela’s course invaluable. In particular the practical client sessions gave me the confidence I needed and the creative exercises really inspired me. She also helped me overcome what I saw as a liability which I now see as a strength.  I remember asking Angela if she still enjoyed organising after all these years and I noticed more her eyes lighting up than what she said.  I believe it was this passion that made her so approachable with all my curious questions and an engaging teacher.  Thank you Angela for helping turn my dream into reality.  Susan Hurrell, Sunshine Spaces

It was a wonderful course. I have learned a lot within 5 days. You really helped me see all the possibilities in this business in Thailand! You helped me tailor my business. I think it would be much harder for me to start up a business without doing this course. Thank you so much Angela!  Cherry Thiensunchai, Thailand

I found the session well worth the investment, has stimulated all sorts of ideas.  Denise Childs, Systems for Order

Thank you for such an informative and enjoyable training.  Simone Plunkett, Complete Order

It was very informative and I was able to take a lot out of it, being one on one. I felt comfortable asking questions. Talking about experiences and relating that to topics at hand was really useful.  Natalie Whiteman, Point Cook

I liked hearing real stories, experiences and lessons, as well as things I hadn’t considered. It was very worthwhile.  Fiona, Richmond

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very informative and set me on the right path.  Andrea

About the Working with People Who Hoard One Day Course (in conjunction with Wendy Hanes):

A clear and concise journey into the lives of hoarders and how to help them overcome their issues in a practical way. This course has given me the confidence to assist people with this condition.  Kristina Mudge, On the Shelf Organising

Thank you for some extremely practical information that I can put to use straight away.  Veronica Kennedy, A Hand to Help

Angela and Wendy’s experience and expertise in the Working with Hoarders Workshop was so valuable. They clearly defined what a Hoarder is and gave us strategies for achieving success with each of our hoarding clients. The tools and skills I learned on the day will be of great use to my hoarding clients, both now and in the future. Thank you both for such an inspiring and informative day!  Bonnie Black, Little Miss Organised

Thank you so much for such a wonderful workshop. I got so much out of it. It cemented for me that this is definitely an area I would like to work in.  Dayna Howard

Thanks Angela and Wendy for your superb workshop which was by far and away the highlight of the conference for me.  Linda Aitkin, Live Light Professional Organising

Great information and I can now contemplate realistically about working with hoarders, and at what level. Sophie Hammersley, Reclaim Your Space

The Working with Hoarders course was fabulous. I particularly enjoyed the depth of content and felt it has further equipped me with the knowledge to be able to assist hoarders.  Rosie Hooper, Rosie to the Rescue

Thank you for a fabulous workshop. Thank you for being so generous with your time and information. Really appreciated the case studies and questions plus the first meeting strategies.  Carol Martyn, Dr. DeClutter

I really can’t thank you enough for the workshop. I learned and took away so much that will assist me in assessing if Working with Hoarders is for me. It was a great investment as the learnings and information provided are transferable to my current business, in fact I applied elements to a job with a new client 48 hours after the workshop. The benefits were immediate and has helped me become a better organiser. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from experienced organisers who have such in-depth knowledge on this subject and who freely share so much information and their experiences. You are definitely the Go To Team. Thank you Angela and Wendy.  Jillian Hannon, Sorted.Organised.Done.

Thank you both so much for sharing your wisdom and expertise with us.  I learnt so many practical techniques that I can use straight away and it has given me more confidence to keep working with people who have hoarding issues.  These ladies have a wealth of experience to share.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about working with clients who hoard or even to Professional Organisers who just want to extend their general repertoire of skills.  Angela Hunter

So many aspects of this course, in particular the forms provided, are very useful for my own business and have provided me with a great deal of food for thought in terms of the various stakeholders with which I can align my business.  I could go on and on – fabulous, thought provoking.  Robyn Amott, Bless This Mess

I have learnt so much about Hoarders from this in depth and excellently presented workshop, which will not only benefit me when it comes to working with Hoarders but just in my everyday dealing with my current and new clients. The information, tools and techniques can be implemented for all clients, chronically disorganised or not!  Kristy Dillon, Kristy Dillon Design

Congratulations on presenting such a fabulous training day. The time and effort you both put into developing the content was evident and we wanted to acknowledge your efforts as well as your openness to sharing your experiences and valuable insights with us all. We feel privileged to have been a part of this inaugural course and as a result we will be able to add so much value to the services we provide to our clients.  Jo & Mel, Allsorts Organising

Workshops and Presentations

Sincerest thanks for your inspirational talk. It was just the right motivation I needed to get on with the job!  Mary Ann

Angela was an engaging and entertaining speaker who provided very helpful and easy to understand tips and advice on how to de-clutter our work and homes. Our staff enjoyed the presentation and walked away feeling inspired to de-clutter.  Sharmila Thuraisingham, Human Resources, Dept. Health and Ageing

Insipred to tackle my desk cleanup today. Looks amazing & I can find things!  Rina Chia, The Fashion Market, the day after attending a Creating Order workshop

I arranged for Angela to work her magic with a small group of consultants. Everyone ended the session feeling positive and empowered to go and make a difference to the organisation of their lives. Angela’s presentation was very professional and helpful. I would recommend it to everyone who feels the need to improve that aspect of their life.  Rosemary, Ormond

Angela is personable, innovative and thinks outside the square. We really enjoyed her time management workshop and the fresh perspective it gave us. We now have increased motivation to define our goals further and to make some plans. Thanks to Angela, we’re looking forward to a more productive and less stressful way of doing things!  Dan and Julia, Kingdom Solutions

Thank you so much for speaking to my clients. You gave us some great tips that everyone can use.  Bernadette Schwerdt, Australian School of Copywriting

Creating Order Conversations

I’m going to call you ‘Amazing Angela’ from now on! In your 15-minute Creating Order Breakthrough Session with me, you managed to nail a couple of the issues that have been blocking me from maintaining order in my office for so long. It’s hard to believe that in such a short space of time, you provided me with 2 clear strategies to assist me in not only creating order in my chaos, but to keeping it that way! Feel free to have people call me if they want to speak to someone who knows how good you are at what you do!  Sandi Givens, Author – Facilitator – Coach, Shattering Glass Ceilings

Just a phone call will get you on track – I was always fairly organised – but I had a heavy secret – Angela gave me the insight I needed to let go of my magazine collection and after 5 years, it hasn’t returned.  Marina McHutchison

I really enjoyed our phone session and you have stirred more enthusiasm in me. Maybe I can convert from hoarder to order!  Mandy, Glendaren Auto Panels

The Creating Order Chronicle

Angela, I just wanted to share with you that I relish the days that your newsletters come in!!! I cannot begin to tell you how cleansing it feels to let go of all the clutter and stuff that we have been hanging on to for “just in case”!!! It has completely changed my energy levels and feeling of control in my home! Thanks so much for your simple and practical suggestions. One of the things that I love about your newsletter is that it is such a quick and easy read – so it doesn’t clutter up my inbox waiting for me to have enough time to read it – I can read through the great ideas and put them straight into action!!  Rachel Colla

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