It was only February when it happened, just 6 weeks into the year. How could I have already forgotten my Word of the Year? I don’t mean that I forgot to implement it, although that’s true. I mean I actually forgot what the word was… momentarily.

I was working hard on my new course – Intro to Your Professional Organiser Career – creating the video lessons and the material that would back up those lessons. I was simultaneously working on a new training for the Victorian Department of Fairness, Family & Housing. I was working from my house in the country, where it’s peaceful and green, but where there was also a lot of planning, fencing, gardening also happening around me. And Victoria’s third lockdown was in place.

Aah, so that’s how it happened. My brain was full up, stressed out and overloaded. Too much stimuli and not enough capacity. If my brain were a computer, you could say the RAM was full and I needed to defrag.

Back to what happened. I actually don’t remember what made me suddenly think, “What’s my Word of the Year again?” Something at the back of my brain must have sensed that I needed a prompt. I stopped writing. I thought. No answer came. “What is my Word of the Year?!” And then it came. And I laughed.

My Word of the Year is Intentional.

Not only had I forgotten to be intentional about my actions, my plans, my daily habits, I had forgotten the word entirely… momentarily.

I chose this word precisely because it is so needed in my life right now. Well, it’s needed always, but now I intend to be intentional about being intentional.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal when I chose this Word of the Year for 2021.


    • On purpose
    • With love for myself and others
    • Making aligned decisions
    • Guarding my time, space, headspace and heart for the things I value and choose
    • Knowing I have control of my life

Today, before sitting down to write this, I read this quote from Francine Jay. “My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.” Having less to do sounds delightful. But I actually don’t mind doing lots, as long as those things are what I intentionally choose.

So how will I remember my Word of the Year for the rest of 2021? First, I will create a visual reminder and keep it in several prominent places – my computer desktop, my desk drawer, my purse, my fridge door.

Next, I will implement a habit of checking in morning and night. I already have a habit that will support this. Each evening, I write my to do list for the next day. It includes any appointments as well as tasks, even regular ones, for that day. As I write this list I will add the new habit of reviewing that list with a critical eye, an intentional eye, if you will. Each morning, I review the list again, adding any new tasks that have come to mind or come to light. (An overnight email asking me to speak at a conference is always welcome and deserves a response.) so my morning review will also include an intentional eye. Some things may have become less important and can wait for another day.

Finally, I want to build in an intentional weekly reward. Too often I move on quickly to the next urgent task and forget to celebrate and reward the week’s achievements. I’ll call them Friday Reflections. They will include something good to eat and drink, maybe some background music, or just the sounds of nature. And they will feature intentional questions to reflect upon.

  • What can I celebrate this week?
  • Did I act with love for myself and others?
  • Were my decisions aligned with my values?
  • Have I guarded my time, space, headspace and heart for the things choose?
  • How can I move forward into next week with intention?

I’m curious, what is your Word of the Year? And how are you putting it into practice? How are you remembering it?


Word of the Year



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