How many shoes?Today’s post is brought to you from the wonderful world of shoes. Shoes are a girl’s best friend, right? But how do you keep them under control? Thanks to the authors of the following articles for their wisdom.

Image consultant, Imogen Lamport, from Bespoke Image and Inside Out Style blog writes:

Amy Revell from Simply Organised writes about Shoes and with her family background, she should know.

Veronica Kennedy from A Hand to Help writes about Shoe Storage Solutions for Your Home Entrance.

I have a couple of posts for you too:

What are your thoughts on the subject? Is storage a problem? Do you have too many? Or not enough? Do you have the ones you need? How do you keep them in good condition and looking their best? Do you go for investment pieces or cheap-and-cheerful volume? Do you kick them off at the door so as not to track dirt into the house? Or do you not feel “dressed” unless you’re wearing your favourite high heels?


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