A lovely group of ladies participated in the Meal Planning Made Easy workshop last night.  We had some great discussions about food, shopping, home delivery, cooking and families.

What happened afterwards was just as interesting, when somehow discussion turned to shoes, handbags and lipsticks.  It turns out not all women are shoe-lovers.  Here are some telling stats.

With 9 women present, the average number of pairs of shoes owned by each was 55.  The range went from 5 at the bottom end to 250, all in clear shoe boxes.

Classic quote while we were tallying up: “Oh do boots count too?”

And the average number of handbags each owned was 33.

Lipsticks were a little less quantifiable with some in the group owning just 2 and others having “boxes full”.

So how do you compare???

How many shoes?Save

  1. lyrebirdgully 14 years ago

    I love shoes – but owing to my unusual foot shape, I am extremely limited in what I can buy. I dread to think how many shoes I would be tempted to own if I could just go out and buy shoes the way most women can.

  2. Cath 14 years ago

    I’ll admit to being completely hopeless as a girl. But I always buy good quality and I don’t have to go shopping too often!
    I have only 7 pairs of shoes – virtually all black. Black comfy flats that I live in, 2 pairs of boots (short and long), 2 pairs of black heels (one pair destined for the op-shop as they hurt like hell), runners and hiking boots. That’s it!
    I have only one handbag at a time for daytime use (but I absolutely love it – it’s Mattt), and three for evening that, because I so rarely get to use them, I usually forget to.
    I have 3 lipsticks that I actually use, but only when I have a meeting or go out.
    Sorry, not much glam to work with there. Practical all the way.
    Necklaces on the other hand…

  3. Courtney Graham Hipp 14 years ago

    My “10-29” response does include about five or six pairs of the exact same tennis shoes, in various stages of wear ranging from “Needs Breaking In” to “For Yard Work Only.” I’m actually getting ready to sell about five pairs of dress shoes, because every single time I go shopping for dress shoes, I manage to forget that I can’t wear high heels for more than five minutes at a time.

    I have 5-6 handbags, but none of them are really nice bags, and some are pretty awful! I keep thinking I will find the perfect everyday bag and ditch the rest, but it hasn’t happened. I don’t have it in me to switch my stuff between bags to match different outfits. I count myself lucky that I actually remember to take a bag with me in the first place!

  4. Jennifer 14 years ago

    I’m in the 22% range. And this is only because I decluttered my shoe stash last year realizing that as a stay-at-home-mum, I really did not need that many pairs. Boots counted separately, are in the 48% range.

    When it comes to handbags, I have about 10 and while I don’t love them, they do co-ordinate with my wardrobe.

    Lipstick wise, I own only one tube. Maybe that’s why I own many shoes and boots!

  5. Marianne 14 years ago

    2 pairs of running/walking shoes
    1 pair of wellies
    1 pair of hiking boots
    3 pairs of boots
    3 pairs of summer sandals
    4 pairs of pumps
    3 pairs of regular black/brown everyday shoes

    2 small black
    1 small white
    1 tiny black
    2 large patterned for work, looking for another in black

    3 that I use
    3 that I now don’t (had a personal colour analysis)

  6. The English Organizer 14 years ago

    I am on the low end of shoes (I don’t think I have more than 20), and as for handbags, good heavens, more like 6 than 33!
    You are the first Australian organiser I have met… Hi!

  7. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 14 years ago

    Well Hello, English Organizer! Thanks for joining the conversation. 🙂

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