5-minute organisingDo you think you don’t have time to get organised? What if I told you there are lots of 5-minute organising tasks that will get you on the way?

Don’t believe me?  Take 5 minutes and read for yourself.  There are 30 ideas from me and my organising colleagues here alone.

Virginia Wells from WellSorted writes about 4 Ways to Organise Your Home in 5 Minutes a Day.

I wrote about 5 Organising Tasks in 5 Minutes Each, and

21 Ways to Get Organised in Just 5 Minutes Each.

Why not pick just one 5-minute organising idea to try?  Put the kettle on and let your teabag steep while you get organised.  I promise you won’t regret it.  And who knows?  You might even enjoy the buzz from taking control and getting things done.

But if it all feels too hard, and you “just know” there’s no way you can get organised in such a short time, try this instead…

5-minute TimerSet your timer for 5 minutes and do anything at all that will give you a start.  When the timer goes off, you have two choices.  You can either give yourself a pat on the back, dust off your hands and relax.  Or you can reset the timer for another 5 minutes and go for it again.  The feeling of accomplishment can be a thrill.

Of course, there’s one more option.  If you need some guidance, some encouragement, some fresh ideas, and someone to help with the hands on work, you can always call on a professional organiser.





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