Gather up your bookmarks and pop them in a pretty cup

Switch email alert settings to check less frequently

Send a quick email to connect with an associate

Unsubscribe from unnecessary e-newsletters

Ditch any lipsticks that don’t suit any more

Synchronise calendars with your family

Set your favourite TV shows to record

Sort through the underwear drawer

Clear out your briefcase/handbag

Check your bank account online

Check use-by dates on spices

Check the junk email folder

Teach someone a system

Plan this week’s meals

Pay the bills online

Plan a trip route

Plan tomorrow

Shred papers

Write a list

Cull files


  1. Emma 15 years ago

    lol completely independently of your blog I had the sudden urge to reorganise my spice rack on the weekend – culling old spices, buying new ones, and transferring all spices to uniform little plastic boxes on which I can write labels (those pre-printed labels presume to know what I will have in my spice cupboard!) – lovely, calming spice rack now

  2. Emma 15 years ago

    oh, and it didn’t take 5 minutes, but that’s because I completely redid the whole thing and had to do some shopping

  3. Janet Barclay 15 years ago

    What a great list! Just think how many time we waste because we don’t think we have enough time to do anything…

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