Letting Go is an OpportunityPart of the organising process is letting go.  Letting go of clutter, of piles, of appointments that sneak into your diary to distract you, of the illusion of perfectionism, of old ideas that don’t serve you well, of bad habits and of anything that’s weighing you down.

Read on for some great ways to let go so you can make room, move on and grow.

Julie Cliff of Space and Time helps with her article, Letting go of kids’ keepsakes

Tania Goranitis from Interior Philosophy writes about Dealing with De-Clutter Paralysis

Veronica Kennedy from A Hand to Help explains the term Less is More

Amy Revell from Simply Organised writes I wish I did this years ago

Another deep look into the issue with Clutter – A story of love, guilt and fear by Nathalie Ricaud of Get Organised & Beyond

Danielle Atkins of Declutter Life has written 2 excellent articles on the subject – 4 Questions To Help You Know When It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Stuff and How To Let Go Of The “One Day I Will” Stuff

I share a confession in Goodbye to 20 Episodes of Hoarders

And Mara Morrison from The Filing Fairies shares 2 Important Declutter Questions about photos.

If you’ve read something that inspires you to let go and get organised, please do share this post.










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