It’s been a family joke for a while – that I hoard Hoarders.  That’s the TV show.  I’ve been recording episodes of Hoarders for many years.  Once the recorded show is watched I delete it, so it’s not really hoarding.

But today I said goodbye to 20 episodes of Hoarders, and I didn’t watch any of them.

Decisions about clutter often don’t happen until they are forced upon us.  In most cases, people don’t act on their stuff until space becomes uncomfortable.  Why would you?  While there’s room to keep things, why not keep on keeping them?  That’s how it was with all those episodes.  But then the hard drive storage became cramped.  We were down to 1%.  It was time to make some decisions and take action.

The choice about what to delete to make room was easy.  There were 20 episodes of the same show sitting there unwatched.  There’s a giant clue.  Why hadn’t I watched them already?  Here’s why:

  • I don’t enjoy watching other people’s misery
  • I wasn’t learning anything I didn’t already know
  • It felt a bit like work
  • The instances of exploitation irked me
  • I didn’t agree with some of the methods used

Once I realised all that, it was easy to hit the delete button.

What things could you say goodbye to from your space, schedule or life, that you don’t agree with or enjoy?



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