I remember so long ago when we were promised the paperless home office. Since that promise was made it seems we produce more paper now than ever before. The written word is now much easier to produce, with the technology to churn out more information than ever.  But we also have the technology to share information without using power, ink and paper for printing.  To make our dream of a paperless home office a reality, we can make some simple choices.  Here are just 5 to start with:

  1. Choose not to print out emails.  Yes, I know that sometimes it’s hard to read from a screen.  Feel free to increase the magnification to 200% if that makes reading from a screen easier.
  2. Choose not to print information from the web.  Instead of printing out recipes, travel tips or articles, save them for future access with a platform like Evernote or Pinterest.
  3. Choose to receive bills by email (and don’t print them).
  4. Choose to receive your magazine subscriptions digitally.  The beauty is you often have the additional benefit of it being a cheaper option and more interactive, with extras like demo videos.
  5. Choose carefully the things you file for the future.  Can you get that information elsewhere?

paperless home office


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