Organising PaperPaper is everywhere.  Organising paper is something almost everyone struggles with.  Thank goodness for my organising colleagues and their wisdom about organising paper.  Read their tips here.  It just might be what you need to tame your paper clutter.

Thanks to Amy Revell from Simply Organised for her Drowning in Paperwork article.

And Chantal Imbach from Simply In Order wrote Ready for the “What If …?”

I wrote Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise Paperwork. I hope you like it.

Tracey Warren from Professional Organising Solutions wrote Tame Your Paper Clutter.

Virginia Wells from Well Sorted wrote What To Do When Your Paperwork Starts Talking To You!

Thanks to Nathalie Ricaud from Get Organised and Beyond for How to Refresh Your Home Filing System.

Happy reading and good luck with sorting and organising your paper!




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