Are books the hardest thing to let go of?  So many of my clients say that they are.  I guess that books represent so much about ourselves.  They tell “our story” just they tell their own.  Anyway, that’s why this edition of Organising Wisdom is dedicated to organising books.

I hope you enjoy these articles.  Some are serious.  Some are fun.  They are all worth a read.  And who doesn’t love to read?

Organising books

Articles about Organising Books

Life Changing Books by Christie Flora from Flor&order

Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise Books by me, Angela Esnouf, of Creating Order from Chaos

BookCrossing, a cool way to send books on to another reader

10 Famous Book Hoarders.  Now let me make this clear… having a lot of something does NOT make you a hoarder. But this article is pretty cool. Nice to see book collections and how they are stored.

Pamela Paul on the Beauty of a Disorganized Bookshelf – yes there is a case for NOT organising books too!


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