One thing people ask me about a lot is books.  I love books myself.  But since downsizing to an inner-city apartment, I have much less space to devote to them.  So here’s how you can Reduce, Rethink and Reorganise books.

Reduce the books you keep on your shelf.  Once you’ve read a book, send it on to someone else who will enjoy it.  If there are books you’ve never read, evaluate whether you ever will read them.  If not, they could be doing good somewhere else.  You still get to read lots, but you don’t need to keep the book on your shelf.

Rethink how you read.  There are lots of ways to do this.  Borrow from friends and the library instead of owning.  Invest in audiobooks and digital books instead.  Again, you still get to read, but you don’t need to own a book that sits on your shelf.

Reorganise the books that have earned their place.  Show the chosen stayers some love.  Give them space to breathe.  Books actually need airflow around them to stop mildew.  And dust is no friend to books either.  How you arrange them is entirely up to you of course.  Some people arrange them alphabetically, or by colour, or like a library.

So many booksSo many booksSo many booksSave

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