One of my very first paid organising projects was to organise recipes.  It was a collection of recipes, with some torn from magazines, and some hand-me-down family recipes in the beautiful copperplate handwriting of my client’s grandmother.  What an honour it was for me to be asked to collate and organise this valuable collection.  My client is a foodie.  She places great value on nurturing her family and friends through food.  Right now she is working in her dream job, feeding paying customers.  She tells me that the recipe collection I helped to collate is still very much in use.

Recipes can inspire us, keep us organised, help with time management and generally make life easier.  But none of that is true if we can’t find the recipe we need when we need it.  There are lots of ways to organise recipes, and technology is making it easier all the time.  This edition of the Organising Wisdom blog series is dedicated to the humble recipe collection.  I hope you find the inspiration you need.

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