What is the best reason to have an organised bedroom?  For me it has to be all about the quality of sleep.

But there are lots of other reasons to aim for an organised bedroom as well.

  • less arguments with your partner
  • peace of mind
  • being able to find what you need when you need it
  • good air quality (no dust, no mould, just the smell of fresh air and fresh sheets)

What’s your main reason for wanting an organised bedroom?

Organised Bedroom

I like to share the wisdom of my organising colleagues, and in this edition of Organising Wisdom, we’re talking about how to have an organised bedroom.

Thanks to Christie Flora from Flor&order for asking, Do you make your bed?

I write about the surprising thing that can happen when you organise the bedroom in He put a ring on it.

And a part of the 30 Day Spring Fling dealt with the monsters under the bed.

And there are even more great tips on my Organising the Bedroom Pinterest board.

I hope you sleep well tonight in a well-organised bedroom.  If not, you know you can always reach out to an organiser for help to make that happen.



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