Do you hate decluttering?  I get it.  Even though I love to declutter and organise, I understand that it’s not for everyone.  But the good news is that even if you hate decluttering, there are things that can make it possible, make it easier, and even make it fun.

Here are some great ways to get you started.

Engage the Senses Hate Decluttering? Engage the senses

Start by setting the scene to engage your senses in a pleasurable way.  Let’s face it, often decluttering can be dusty uncomfortable work, so before you begin, bring some joy to the space.  Open the curtains to let the light stream in.  Warm or cool the room so it’s a place you want to be for a while.  Light a scented candle or spray a favourite scent.  If it helps, keep a box of delicious chocolates nearby to reward yourself with each pile or box tackled.  What sort of strategy could you put in place?

Listen to Music

While we’re talking about the senses, don’t forget your ears.  Music can take you back to happy times, can lift you when you’re down and can calm you if you’re feeling stressed.  Music can also distract you.  When I work with clients decluttering their stuff, we sometimes turn on some music.  It could be quiet background music, from classical to rock to pop.  And before you know it, we might even be singing along or dancing!

For some recommended tunes to declutter by, check out my Pinterest board, Music to Declutter By.

Apart from music, there’s another way to use your ears while decluttering.  Audibooks, podcasts or talk-back radio might be good options for you.

Do it in the Ad Breaks

If you really hate decluttering, setting aside the time to do it can be a real problem.  But some decluttering tasks are ideal for doing in small snippets of time, such as TV ad breaks.  Simply take a box to your most comfortable TV-watching spot and go through it a little bit at a time.  Flick through a stack of magazines, sort through a junk drawer, or organise your handbag without moving from your favourite relaxing spot.

Still hate decluttering? Let a Professional Organiser help

If you really can’t face decluttering on your own, don’t worry, there is a solution.  Call a professional organiser in to help.  They will make it easier and get it done quickly, so that instead of dreading the sight of that pile of stuff, you can get on with doing the things you really love.




  1. Heather 7 years ago

    Oh! I love this! I am currently procrastinating on decluttering. It seems like such a *mammoth* task, but this makes it sound much easier. I recently discovered that I’m a hoarder, not an organiser, as I thought lol. I am one of those people that does things “when the spirit moves me” (as we say in our family) – which I guess means that I have to be in the right mood to tackle something (or get so fed up with the clutter that I can’t stand it a moment longer lol.

    • Avatar photo Author
      Angela 7 years ago

      “When the spirit moves you” is a good thing, but you can always give the spirit a nudge. 😉

    • Janet Barclay 7 years ago

      Heather, I can relate. I used to figure if everything had a place and I knew where it was, that meant I was organized. I’m starting to realize that some things aren’t worthy of having a place at all!

  2. Janet Schiesl 7 years ago

    Music helps soooo much. I love when clients are open to working with music in the background. Of course, their choice of music. Anything works to keep my energy up. I do think that I work differently to different kinds of music.

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