How to Celebrate the Milestones in Your Organising BusinessWhen I shared my article about the 7 milestones to celebrate in your organising business recently, a few people asked me the same question: but HOW do you celebrate those milestones? So, it’s a no brainer that I address that question here.

Here are a few ideas. I hope they spark some ideas that you can use when you celebrate your own milestones.

Firstly, start thinking about it before you even have anything to celebrate. I’ve created a list of “things to celebrate”. It includes things like revenue targets, number of email subscribers, certifications, etc. so that when I hit those targets, I know it’s time to celebrate. Of course, there are also things worth celebrating that just land in your lap. Those are some of the best surprises.

I’m lucky that I get to experience both solo business celebrations – yay! – and also in partnership with Wendy Hanes, over at Hoarding Home Solutions – double yay!

For my solo wins, the first thing I do is tell my husband, Greg, who is always very pleased for me. My other big cheer squad is a group of women in business who’ve been with me from the start. Some are retired now but they still understand the challenges of being in business and are extremely supportive. I can always rely on a massive cheer from them. In fact, our meetings always include sharing wins, no matter how small. We talk about what’s been good, what’s been great and what we’re grateful for.

That’s akin to something we often do at the POs of Melbourne monthly meetings. We start the meeting by answering a single question. Sometimes that question is: What are you celebrating this month? Peers can relate to our challenges and wins so well, and the POs of Melbourne are proactively supportive of each other.

At Hoarding Home Solutions, Wendy and I do a virtual high five quite often with the little wins. For the big wins, verbal acknowledgement at our weekly meeting is the go. To celebrate the ongoing growth of the business, each year we do something special, unrelated to work. We both enjoy a good laugh, so we usually attend a comedy show together. It’s always just the two of us, no partners included, even though they’ve supported us along the way.

Now it’s over to you. What will you plan to celebrate? And how will you choose to celebrate?


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