It takes two, baby.If I say, “It takes two, baby” and you immediately start humming the old Sonny and Cher hit in your head, you’re welcome. That song is the first thing that came to mind when I pondered on the number two in relation to organising by numbers. You can read the first edition, all about number one, here.

So why did this song pop into my head? Well, a professional organiser’s work is all about working in tandem with the client.

As the song starts out, “One can have a dream, baby; Two can make a dream so real.” When a client’s dream is to get organised, the right professional organiser can make that dream a reality. But they don’t do it alone. The best results come from collaboration, working WITH the client, not FOR them.

What I mean is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to custom organising. Every client and situation is different. A good professional organiser educates themselves about various methods of organising and selects the right one for each client.

When deciding on the right organising approach, a good professional organiser takes into consideration their client’s needs, preferences, circumstances and learning style.

A good professional organiser transfers skills to the client so that they can understand what works best for them, and how to apply those skills in the future.

Whether the client is a single parent dreaming the toy room was organised, or a CEO dreaming of more free time with their family, or a business dreaming of organised archives, a good professional organiser always works in tandem with them to bring the dream to reality.

“It takes two, baby; It takes two, baby; Make a dream come true; It just takes two.”

And by the way, while doing the research for this post, I discovered the song was actually a hit for Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston first.


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