2023 has been a year of travel for me. After the lockdowns of COVID times, we have taken the opportunity to tick off many longtime bucket list items. I’ve already written about my trip to Morocco earlier this year and the organising lessons I learned there. Now it’s time to share another lesson, this time from a recent 16-day organised tour of Egypt and Jordan.

Both countries are steeped in history and culture. The things we saw made our jaws drop. How is it possible that they allow us mere peasants access to these magnificent locations? How is it that I could touch the Pyramids of Giza or come within inches of ancient hieroglyphics, very often with no physical barrier to prevent someone from touching? Don’t worry, I didn’t!

People have asked what the highlights were. For me, I loved seeing the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and the tombs of various pharaohs, including Tutankhamun, watching the narrow ribbon of lush vegetation go by as I swam in the pool of a Nile cruise boat, Petra, and finally floating in the Dead Sea.

Highlights of Egypt and Jordan

Another highlight was meeting our Egyptian tour guide, Hady, and feeling truly welcomed by him and his country. Like our Moroccan guide, Mustapha, Hady was informative, reliable, accommodating, communicative and friendly. His enthusiasm for Egypt was a joy to watch. He was equally enthusiastic about people. He made everyone feel special, all while guiding us expertly. When anyone struggled with ill health (me included), he made a point to check in and to offer assistance. Our time in Egypt was more than just visiting interesting and historic sites.

A short flight from Cairo to Amman and we were onto the Jordan leg of the tour, with a different guide to lead us. The country of Jordan was wonderful to see, with a strong history and culture all its own. However, this half of the trip was a totally different experience, and it was the guide that made it so. His heart just wasn’t in it. He knew plenty of facts and historical dates and could share those easily. But he communicated poorly about everything else. He never bothered to learn our names. He became impatient when people asked questions, frequently saying, “I told you that already” when in fact he may have told one person in the group but not all. It was obvious that he couldn’t wait for each day to be over. What a shame.

With every life lesson, I look for how I can apply it to my business. The stark contrast between our Egyptian guide and the Jordanian one had me thinking. It reminded me that the partnership between an organiser and their client is like a guide and a guest. It works like magic when the client feels seen and heard and valued. There’s no end to what can be achieved. But if one person in that partnership doesn’t have their heart in the job, it’s unlikely to result in success. That’s why it’s vital, as an organiser, to know your niche and your ideal client, so that you can work in your own “sweet spot”.

It’s the same for mentors. When I partner with a professional organiser as a mentor, I am all in. I want them to succeed as much as they do. I am open to all questions, and never hold back with my knowledge or experience. I’m flexible and my mentoring sessions are always about what the client needs, not me. From strategies to increase sales to ideas for handling tricky client situations, nothing is off the table. Unlike our Jordanian guide, my heart is definitely in it.

If you’re looking for someone to guide you along the journey of growth for your professional organising business, I’m your girl.

  1. Karen White 7 months ago

    I will second your statement. In my time as a mentee of yours, I have always found you to be receptive and encouraging of my business. You have suggestions of ideas to try and challenges that have stretched me to move forward. Never criticism if I have not achieved something yet.
    Thanks Karen, The Sorting Angel

    • Avatar photo Author
      Angela 7 months ago

      Karen, thanks so much for your endorsement. It means the world.

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