Lauren JackmanLauren Jackman operates her business, Serene Spaces for You, 30km from Christies Beach in Adelaide. She agreed to an interview to share her organising journey.


Tell me Lauren, who do you work with?

I work with NDIS clients and private clients. Many clients I work with have a range of medical needs and they may have experienced trauma in their past which has contributed to an accumulation of clutter. The common theme for all my clients is that they feel overwhelmed with the clutter, and they’re struggling to work out where to start.


What drew you to the organising industry and how long have you been in it?

We emigrated to Adelaide from the UK in 2019 and we used the opportunity to get rid of a lot of items we’d held onto for many years. It made us really take stock of our belongings and after many garage sales and private selling, we were left with items that were truly important. The experience made us realise that too many people hold onto unnecessary items and have an abundance of things that they no longer need, like or in fact, even work. I’m not suggesting that to be happy you need to be minimalistic, as we still have kept many sentimental items. We realised though, that by having less it’s easier to keep things organised and locate items when you need them.

Living in a new country gave me the opportunity to start a new career, I did online PO training with Angela in 2019 which gave me a good oversight in what it would take to run my own business, and I had my first client in August 2019.


What was the pivotal moment for you starting out as an organiser?

I knew I wanted to do a job that I truly loved and believe it makes a huge difference in people’s lives.


What’s your favourite thing about organising?

There are many. I love to see the delight on a client’s face at the end of an appointment. They often comment saying they’ve put off clearing a space for several years and in a few hours we managed to make the space more functional again.


To what do you attribute your success as an organiser?

I listen to what the clients want achieved. The first S in ‘Serene’ stands for ‘share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal space’ and this is something I work hard at to make happen. I also like to have a laugh with my clients to put them at ease.


What’s one habit that helps your life run smoothly?

I get organised the night before, kids’ lunches made, clothes laid out etc.


Is there any area of your life or home where you are not organised?

My car. There are normally donations that need taking to an op shop, items for recycling to be taken to Officeworks and of course sand from beach trips with the kids!


What’s one thing people may not know about you?

I am a spiritual person who enjoys ice baths and I enjoy writing in my journal… not while in the bath.


What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Chocolate and red wine.


What would you say to someone just starting out as an organiser?

Just start, there will never be a perfect time. If you have passion and drive just do it.


Is there something else you think people should know?

I’m a trained reiki practitioner and I’m completing a course to become a meditation teacher. Physical clutter can have a profound impact on your mental health, and I believe firmly that practises like breathwork, yoga and meditation can play a huge role in helping to calm the mind. I speak to my clients about the benefits of these practices.


Thanks for sharing, Lauren!


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