U is for Underwear and moreAre U ready for the letter U in the A to Z of Organising?


Umbrella stand – The umbrella stand is a perfect example of organisation. It has a specific purpose and everyone understands it. It holds an essential tool – the umbrella – and protects the floor from damp and damage. It sits unobtrusively by the door, so that the umbrella is ready and waiting to do its job. When we think of other ways to keep essential tools where they need to be used, we will create more perfect examples of organisation. Coffee cups near the kettle or coffee machine. Dog leash by the front door. Car keys in the same place every single time, so they are never misplaced. I keep mine in the rear pocket of my handbag.


Underwear – When it comes to underwear, I think I have seen it all. There was one client who was desperate for more storage space in her bedroom, but who dedicated a whole large drawer to black knickers, and another whole large drawer to white knickers. When asked how many pairs of knickers she needed in a month, it did start to dawn on her that perhaps she had too many (upwards of 100). Then there’s the client who wore literal rags even though she had plenty of fresh new underwear in packets. She just couldn’t bring herself to wear nice things because she “didn’t deserve to”. I asked one particular client during our bedroom organising session to show me her underwear drawer. “Oh I don’t have a specific drawer. I just shove them in wherever they fit,” was the response. We fixed that right away.


Unique – Our clients are unique so any plan to get organised also needs to be unique to them, taking into account their needs, goals, dreams, circumstances, available time and space, personality, communication and work style.


Use – “If you don’t use, need or love something, you can get rid of it.” I’ve said that to plenty of clients. But how often do you need to use something before it gets to stay? That, of course, is up to the client. But here are a few examples I’ve come across. The prawn peeler that gets used once a year? The client decided it could go. The glamorous evening dress that gets worn once a year? That one stayed. The pudding steamer that’s used to make Christmas pudding once a year? Yes, that stayed too. But the large Bundt tin that’s used for occasional baking? The client decided to let it go. You just never know what choices our clients are going to make about the things they use, until you ask.


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