Are you considering a career change into the world of professional organising? If so, all kinds of good stuff awaits you.

To help with your decision, here are a few blog posts from the archives.

Firstly, you can read about my own leap into career change in How I Got Started as a Professional Organiser.

Next, Becoming a Professional Organiser – Where to Start. That’s where I share some easy ways to get started on your dream.

Dust, Rust & Cobwebs is next. It’s not all pretty containers and glamorous after shots.

Next read What I Wish I’d Known. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned along the way and happy to share them with you.

Finally, hear about others who’ve made a career change into organising and are loving every minute in Organising Dreams Come True.

Whether you are ready to take the leap or just dipping your toes into the organising pool, I’d be happy to chat about your options. The good news is there are so many! To arrange a time to chat, drop me a line.

Time for a career change?


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