I’ve introduced them to you before. The organisers I’ve interviewed for the Organiser Showcase series gave great advice in my last post. Another question I ask each and every one is

What’s your favourite thing about organising?

Here’s what they said. Can you pick a common theme?

Joey Camilleri from Creating Positive Spaces said, “Being able to change clients lives. Many of my clients often feel stuck, and through our work, they can start moving forward. I love that I’m giving my clients back control over their life and space.”

Shari Robinson from Sensibly Sorted said, “My favourite thing is seeing those ah ha moments when something I’ve said or suggested has really resonated with a client and they can suddenly see a way through the problem or even just one of the problems. I love organising wardrobes, kitchens and laundries.”

Chantal Imbach from Photos in Order said, “In my line of work, photo organising and management, I love it when at the end everything falls into place, and it becomes easy to find specific photos and to do all those fun projects. The most wonderful moment for me is always when I see the clients faces lighting up with joy when they see the end result. I feel very privileged to be trusted with those precious memories and stories.”

Georgia Holmes from Thriving Spaces Organising said, “My favourite thing about organising is witnessing the transformation and relief that people experience when they’re able to let go of things that they’ve been holding onto for a long time, and which have been getting in the way of them enjoying their current stage of life. I love doing this work. It is incredibly rewarding to see what a difference simplicity and order can make in people’s lives.”

Narelle Sheeran from Organise and Enrich said, “Oh, without a doubt it’s the difference it makes to people. While it’s very satisfying to see an area decluttered and organised, my absolute favourite thing has nothing to do with the tangible. It’s the feedback about how it makes people feel. One of my clients has survived trauma, major life changes, upheaval, and crippling overwhelm. When she called me in, she was ready for a fresh start. We’ve been working together consistently, and she’s made some major gains. One day, after organising her bedroom and hanging her clothes in a new wardrobe we had installed, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I feel like a real person.” You can’t beat that.”

Virginia Wells from WellSorted – Professional Organiser said, “Seeing my clients feel lighter when they’ve worked through their physical stuff, and the emotional stuff that goes with it! I also love seeing the ‘aha’ moments where a habit shift or similar has been assimilated into their being and they recognise it’s happened.”

Their favourite thing about organisingHave you spotted the theme yet? Well, it continues…

Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee said, “My clients and seeing their growth. It’s remarkable how a client’s confidence and outlook on life can change when we’ve set up their home in a way that supports them and works for them.”

Stefanie King from The Organising Project said, “It is never boring, everyone has a story to tell and honestly, my client’s happy face at the end of the session is priceless.”

Amanda Lecaude from Organising Students said, “I love making a difference to the lives of others and in my case, it is students and indirectly their families. I really love it when my students have those ‘AHA’ moments when something just clicks and works for them. It’s about giving them the tools and skills they need to succeed at both school and in life.”

Christie Flora from florandorder said, “My favourite thing about organising is witnessing that ‘click’ for someone. When a client feels like a system is working for them and they start feeling the opposite of a ‘hot mess’, as a client of mine described themselves, that’s my favourite thing.”

Again, big thanks to all the organisers who generously shared their thoughts about the industry we’re proud to represent. If you’d like to be interviewed in a future showcase blog post, drop me a line.


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