Can organising dreams come true?It’s a wonderful thing when you get to live your dream life. I’m a lucky lady. I get to see dreams come true as new organisers emerge and start the organising career they were meant for. And it’s interesting to see the many different ways they contribute to the organising world and serve their clients.

I want to give a shout out to a few that I have trained over the years. Here’s what they are up to.

Well done to Leanne and Emily, two of my trainees who landed their dream job working for The Art of Decluttering. If you haven’t caught the Art of Decluttering podcast yet, you should.

In the past few years, the number of larger organising businesses employing staff and subcontractors has grown, resulting in opportunities for those who love to help people get organised but don’t want to run their own business.

For those whose dreams include running their own business, there’s always room for more. Shari Robinson, from Sensibly Sorted, and Narelle Sheeran, from Organise and Enrich, are two new organisers to the scene. Shari and Narelle have both invested in the Hoarding Home Solutions online training in addition to their basic training with me and are now reaping the benefits of that specialised professional development. Of course, their clients are reaping the benefits as well.

And then there are those that have been around a while, making a name for themselves in their own specialist fields.

Chantal Imbach started out as a general organiser but quickly found a niche area that fit all the criteria of her dream career. She now helps people organise their digital photos, working hands on with VIP clients, and creating courses for DIY clients. And get this, she does it in two languages! Check out Photos in Order to see all that she offers, and her podcast DIY Photo Organising too.

Joey Camilleri is another trainee who has found his groove. He started out part time while juggling clients, growing his business and working in the corporate world. He quickly grew the business and made the leap into full time organising. He’s another one who invested time and energy into training with me at The Professional Organiser’s Edge as well as Hoarding Home Solutions. Take a look at Creating Positive Spaces to see what he’s up to. I recently attended his webinar all about OneNote and I learned so much. He also shared his OneNote wisdom at a Professional Organisers of Melbourne (POM) meeting.

At this month’s POM meeting, we learned from Rachael Wald of Time to Tidy, who has 20 years’ experience as an occupational therapist and has now broadened into organising. I personally think organising and OT work fit so well together. They are both about finding practical solutions and work arounds to make life easier.

There are many more organisers who have trained with me and who are doing great things. I love to see them living out their dreams. Maybe I’ll introduce you to them another day.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an organiser, drop me a line. Let’s make a time to talk.


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