Let’s explore the serious and lighter sides of organising with a wander through the alphabet with The A to Z of Organising.

In this instance, A is for… A to Z of Organising - A

Access – What a great place to start the A to Z of Organising. Being organised is all about access. Access to what you need when you need it. Access to the time and resources that support the life you want to live. There is also another kind of access that is vitally important. When firefighters talk about keeping your home safe, they mention “access and egress”. In plain speaking terms it means safely getting in and getting out. Lack of easy access and egress can make a heavily cluttered home dangerous. If the occupants can’t get out in case of emergency and emergency services can’t get in to help, tragedy occurs. Let’s all stay safe and ensure easy access.

Accountability – Have you ever noticed how you are more likely to get something done if you are held accountable? Accountability can be the thing that drives you to finish that report on time, file that pile of tax records, or pick up toys in the playroom before bedtime. Accountability is one of the benefits of working with a professional organiser. An Accountability Buddy is also a great asset. Read this article on how to find a good one.

Action – Taking action is a key component of being organised and getting things done. Planning is great but it’s putting the plan into action that moves you forward. Writing a to do list is a great idea, but it’s action that has you crossing things off that to do list.

ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can cause above-normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviours. People with ADHD may also have trouble focusing their attention on a single task or sitting still for long periods of time.

Alphabetical – Just one of the ways to organise a collection of anyway is alphabetically. Whether it’s books on a shelf, spices in the pantry or client files, the alphabet can make things easier for you to find, use and put away where it can be found again. Also good for sharing tips about organising. However, not recommended for your underwear drawer.

Archives – Sometimes you have to keep paperwork for a long time, like tax records. But who needs to be tripping over 5 years’ worth of tax records? That’s when it’s time to archive. Bundle those records up and put them out of the way. Make sure the records are safe from damp and vermin. Just to be on the safe side, make a note of where you’ve put those archived documents. Here’s what not to archive – 5 years’ worth of gardening magazines, recipes torn from the newspaper, phone numbers. Yes, I’ve seen all those and lots more in archival boxes.


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