As an organiser, do you work with clients on weekends?


Weekend workThat’s the question I asked organisers in last month’s Quick Question survey.

None of the respondents replied “No, never”, while 11% said they used to but not anymore.

21% rarely work with clients on the weekend. 7% replied that they do work most weekends.

However, the vast majority – 61% – replied that they sometimes work weekends, for the right client.

I think that statistic highlights the flexibility and autonomy organisers have in creating the working arrangements that work for them.

Some of the reasons stated for their choice in this area include convenience for them, convenience for (the right) client, as an occasional boost to sales revenue.

Sharon Alexander from O2B Organised said, “I try to keep my work hours between Mon-Fri but I also know it’s important to remain flexible as some busy clients, who really need my help, also work full time.”

Lauren Jackman from Serene Spaces said, “I work with some clients on Saturdays who have needed a longer appointment. This is easier for me to do as I can leave my kids with my partner and don’t have to be worrying about pick up times.”

Teresa Boughton from Tidy to a T said, “Providing a service on weekends is important to me as I start my PO business. I’m still holding down a paid job and need to use the weekends to work my PO business.”

Interestingly, some organisers have a personal policy about how many weekends each month they are willing to work. That was the case for me also, until I ruled out working on weekends altogether.

I asked a further question on the subject:

If you do work with clients on a weekend, do you charge a different rate than the rest of the week?

I’m happy to report that none of the respondents charge less for working weekends. 7% sometimes charge a higher rate. 15% charge more. And a whopping 78% charge the same rate for weekend work and weekdays.

Nathalie Ricaud from Get Organised & Beyond does charge more for weekend work and said, “That way, I don’t feel resentful for spending time away from family.”

Some of the 78% who charge the same rate stated that they planned to change that policy in the new financial year, by adding a different weekend rate to their fee structure.


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