O is for OrganisedAnd now we’ve come to the big O. What would the A to Z of Organising be without it?

OCD – When some people discover I’m an organiser, they gleefully say something like “Oh I’d be good at that. I’m so OCD.” Cringe. Let’s get one thing straight, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is not about being neat or organised. It is about a pattern of unwanted thoughts and obsessions which lead to repetitive behaviours. It interferes with daily activities and causes significant distress. So, unless you’ve been diagnosed with it, please don’t use “I’m so OCD” as a flippant badge of honour. Some years ago, I worked with a lovely client who explained her life with OCD very well in a testimonial here.

Office – It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I agree. But in these work from home times, the home office has also become an important hub. Actually, I’ve been working from home for many years. Considering the hours I spend at my desk, and the amount of work I strive to accomplish, an efficient office is essential. How do I achieve that? I keep the important things, the things I use on a daily or even hourly basis, within arm’s reach. Any files that need to be kept, whether physical or digital, are easily retrieved. There’s a defined place for everything. If it doesn’t have a home I probably don’t need it. If I do need it, a home is created for it. I want the time I spend in my office to be about progress and helping my clients, not about looking through piles for stuff.

Order – There are so many different definitions of the word “order”. To give a command. To request a product. A category or class. But in this A to Z of Organising, the only order I’m interested in is the kind that brings harmony and productivity to your life. That’s part of the reason I called my business Creating Order from Chaos. I hope you have order in your life. If not, think about working with an organiser who can bring it.

Organise – Oh my goodness. There are so many ways to organise. Almost as many as there are things to organise. Whether you organise books, pantry items, clothes or paperwork, how they are organised is always customised to the client’s needs and preferences. You can organise by category, by alphabet, by colour, by size or proximity. But it means nothing if it does not work for the client. Organising is never a one size fits all affair.

Outsource – Outsourcing can be a game changer. Everything from meal preparation to cleaning at home, or bookkeeping to writing content in business, can make your life easier. If there are tasks that take up time, and you are not the best person to be doing them, consider outsourcing those tasks. The main objection to outsourcing is that cost. But what if you could outsource at no cost? What if you traded your time instead? Or what if you delegated to someone else in the household or business, someone who is capable but perhaps not fully engaged? Look around. Who could you outsource to? What tasks are they capable of taking on?

I hope these powerful O words have inspired you to get organised. Just think of Meg Ryan and think “I’ll have what she’s having”. But if getting organised is hard for you, check out the help available on my Find Organising Help directory.

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