G is for GoalsLet’s keep exploring the serious and lighter sides of organising with a wander through the alphabet with The A to Z of Organising.

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Now it’s time for look at G.

Garage – An organised garage is a wonderful thing. When there is space for a car or two plus all the hardware, tools, gardening equipment and more, what a joy that is. But I’ve seen my fair share of garages which hold more stuff than they are built for. There was the time I opened a client’s garage door and was met with a solid wall of boxes and furniture piled higgledy-piggledy. It’s a wonder it didn’t all fall at my feet. I couldn’t see what lay beyond that solid wall. In fact, I can think of three separate garages where this was the case. In that instance, there’s no other way to start than to just take each box or chair or table out of the garage and slowly gain access to the rest of the space. In each case, what lay beyond the solid wall was much less scary. Once all the pieces of the garage puzzle were laid out, it was easy to make decisions about what stays and what goes, and then where it goes. The garage is a great place to create zones to keep things organised. Zones for Christmas decorations, for garden tools and supplies, for hardware, for donations headed to the op shop, and for the car.

Goals – An important part of the organising process is to set goals. Those goals must align with the clients’ needs and capabilities. Unrealistic goals can quickly bring the organising process undone. The lofty goal of wanting the home to “look like Home Beautiful all the time” inevitably leads to disappointment. Reaching realistic and relevant goals is easier when there is a clear vision, motivation and most importantly, action. This article explains it well.

Good Karma Network – Everyone deserves some good karma. Good Karma Networks are location based, online communities for neighbours to connect, share resources and help each other out. They are a safe place to ask for help, find something you need, share knowledge and resources and meet people in your area. If someone has a glut of empty jam jars, there will someone with a glut of apricots who wants to make jam. And there you go, the two are connected, good karma. This is an excellent example of collaborative consumption, saving space, money and the earth’s resources. To find out if there’s a Good Karma Network near you, check for a group on Facebook or go here.

Guests – Whether they are coming for dinner or for the weekend, guests are a strong motivation to getting organised. When guests are on the way, it’s natural to want to present your home in a good light and make them feel welcome. The simple act of clearing the dinner table and organising a delicious menu or clearing clutter from the guest room and organising a welcome basket and jug of water for the bedside table, makes guests feel welcome and the host feel calm and collected. Have you ever heard of CHAOS – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome? Sadly, there are people who feel too ashamed to have a guest visit. That’s where an organiser can help. They won’t judge but they will help banish CHAOS. And when the job is done you never have to invite them back again.


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