Mid way through January, many of the goals and resolutions that were set on the first of the month are already falling by the wayside.

No matter when you set a goal, there may come a time when you feel “lost” and start to lose hope in achieving your dream. Perhaps you’re lacking in motivation.  Perhaps life has hit you off course.  Perhaps you’re unclear about the next step.


For ideal goal-setting success, you need 3 things:

  1. Clear vision – you’ve got to know where you’re headed
  2. Motivation – a meaningful-to-you reason
  3. Action – the key ingredient that brings the vision and motivation to life

So if you feel “lost” or losing hope in achieving your dream, consider which of these 3 elements is missing or incomplete.

If it’s your vision, go back to square one and refocus on that vision.

If it’s your motivation, go back and tap into the reason you chose this goal in the first place.  (If your motivation has changed, it may be time to chose a different goal.)

If it’s action, go back to your vision and list your next action.  No need for a big long list of actions.  Just one will do.  Name it.  Diarise time for it.  Take that action.  And then name the next action.  And so on. 🙂


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