At the beginning of each year, I take time out from the day to day routine of my business.  I take a step back from the usual throng and busy-ness and I take a good hard look.  I start by taking time to think, ponder, dream and wish.  I schedule time for this process as an important priority in my life and in my business.

With the thinking part accomplished, I move into action mode.  That’s when I plan, schedule and prepare for the year ahead, having set my path and decided on some key goals.

This year I have 10 key goals.  The list includes both personal and business goals.  My list of goals is accompanied by a list of next actions, success indicators and enticing rewards for achieving those goals.

I have scheduled time in my diary to review my goals each week to keep me motivated and on track.  And I have identified one “push” goal.  That’s the one that will help me in accomplishing all the others.

What’s your New Year routine?  Whatever it is, I wish you success in achieving your goals.

Happy New Year


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