Clutter shouts Hey You! File me!Have you ever wondered why clutter makes you feel bad?

Clutter is a DISTRACTION

Clutter calls to you, demanding your attention and shouting instructions all the while.

That pile of receipts says, “Hey You! File Me!”

Yesterday’s basket of washing/folding/ironing yells, “Put me away!”

The hammer, nails and spirit level in the hallway, along with all those framed photos cry, “Finish that project!”

How can your mind focus on one thing when there are so many distractions?

Clutter is CRUEL

Not only does clutter distract you and demand your attention, it can be downright mean about it.

The stack of self-help books on your bedside table sneer, “You still haven’t read me yet! You know you’ll never find time. Why not just admit you’re a failure now?”

Last week’s shopping sitting on the dining table screams, “Can’t you decide where I’m going to go once and for all? You know you shouldn’t have bought so much stuff, even if it was on sale. How are you going to explain the credit card statement now? You’re terrible with money.”

That heap of containers in the corner were supposed to be the answer to your organising prayers but they didn’t fit on the shelves. Now they whisper to you, “Everybody else has no trouble getting organised. Who are you kidding? You’re hopeless. You might as well give up now.”

How can you possibly relax in your own home with so many negative ideas imposed upon you?

Clutter is SELF DOUBT

There is a well known saying that clutter is just deferred decisions.

The bag of oversized clothes you have by the door awaiting delivery to the charity shop calls to you, “Are you sure you want to get rid of me? What if you put on weight again? Maybe you should go through the bag one more time before it’s too late.”

The stack of paint chips on the kitchen counter beg you to “Decide on a colour already! But what if it’s the wrong colour? You’ll have to live with your decision a long time. You better wait and see more options next time you go to the hardware store.”

There’s a lovely new set of fluffy towels and crisp bedsheets you bought to treat yourself. But the linen cupboard shelves are already full with faded towels and threadbare sheets, who beseech you “But there’s still some wear in us. Throwing us away would be wasteful. We’ll come in handy some day. Leave the new stuff in a different cupboard and leave us alone.”

How can you rest easy at night with all those second thoughts running through your mind?


Clutter is wasted energy and wasted space. If you’re ready to let go of the distraction, the cruelty and the self doubt that clutter creates, find organising help here.


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