I believe that getting organised has the power to transform lives! Getting organised can help you make time for the things you love, like family time or “me” time. Getting organised can save you money so you can buy that car, take that trip or treat yourself more often. Getting organised can clear your head so you sleep better at night or be more productive and creative at work. Getting organised can make you excited to invite friends to your home or carve out space for your favourite craft.

Being organised comes naturally to some people. But for those for whom it doesn’t, the good news is that there are professionals who can help.10 Things to Look For in a Good Professional Organiser

There’s a lot that goes into becoming an organising professional. Here are 10 things to look for in a good one.

  1. A good professional organiser listens to their client. The client’s needs, preferences, circumstances and learning style are always considered. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to custom organising.
  2. A good professional organiser is always respectful and ethical. A professional attitude to the client and their things is important. Any recommendations about what to buy and what to discard will be for the benefit of the client, not the organiser themselves.
  3. A good professional organiser is discreet and non-judgemental. They will not share information about a client with others, or about others with a client.
  4. A good professional organiser communicates clearly about their work processes, their policies, their payment terms and everything related to their work with a client.
  5. A good professional organiser thinks outside the box to create customised solutions for their client. They are creative and skilled at problem-solving.
  6. A good professional organiser transfers skills and helps the client to understand the organising strategies that work for them, and how to apply them in the future.
  7. A good professional organiser carries appropriate insurance. It’s rare that anything could go wring, but it’s important to be prepared.
  8. A good professional organiser undertakes professional development. They know there is always more to learn. Professional development is essential to keep skills and knowledge at the excellent standard required.
  9. A good professional organiser knows and respects their limits. They do not take on work they are not qualified or skilled to do, and they do not misrepresent their level of skill. When confronted with a situation that is beyond their skill level, they readily refer a client to someone who is more qualified.
  10. A good professional organiser invests in their business. They take their business seriously, as well as their work with clients. They believe in the longevity of their business and value their reputation.

If you’re looking for help to get organised, take a look at the Find Organising Help directory.

If you’re looking to become an organiser, take a look at my online training. It is my greatest joy in business to see my colleagues succeed with integrity and excellence, and deliver great service to their clients.


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