Last week I wrote about the power of celebrating milestones with our clients. It’s important for them to feel their hard work is paying off. Taking a moment to acknowledge a win, no matter the size, fuels their motivation to continue on the organising journey.

The same can be said for us organisers. There is power in celebrating our business milestones. Sometimes we are so busy with getting things done that we don’t notice the small wins along the way. Or we are so focused on the big goal that we dismiss the small wins as insignificant. But they are significant. Celebrating milestones gets us through hard times. It gives us fuel for the next part of the journey.

Celebrating Business MilestonesDid you take the time to celebrate:

  • Your first client?
  • Your first website going live?
  • Taking the leap into full time organising?
  • Sending your first newsletter?
  • Being fully booked for the next month?

If you haven’t yet reached those business milestones, make a plan now for how you will celebrate when that moment comes. What else will you celebrate?

Recently I celebrated my 100th webinar class. That achievement almost snuck past me. In fact, it wasn’t until I mentioned it to my husband in passing that I realised it was actually a pretty big deal. He encouraged me to enjoy the moment, and I’m so glad I did.

When I hit 10 years in my business, back in 2015, I celebrated with a little something different. I hosted an Open House. I invited clients, newsletter subscribers, colleagues and supporters to come to my home. There was sparkling wine, snacks, a tour of the apartment and some organising tips. We even played an organising game. It felt big and bold and a fitting celebration of a milestone moment.

My business partner at Hoarding Home Solutions, Wendy Hanes, and I celebrated a good year of working together by booking two tickets to a comedy show.

How will you celebrate these milestones?:

  • Meeting your financial target for the month/quarter/year
  • 200/500/1000 subscribers to your newsletter
  • Working with your ideal client on your ideal project
  • Receiving a glowing testimonial from that ideal client
  • Riding out a global pandemic

What other business milestones would you like to celebrate?


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