Hey fellow Professional Organiser, I want to talk about your target market.

Let me ask you something…

If you and your organising service were a loaf of bread, what kind would you be?

Would you be a 99c no-name supermarket loaf, or a deluxe bakery sourdough? Or something else? Like an olive studded focaccia or a chocolate chip brioche?

What does that all have to do with your organising business? Supermarkets sell a 99c loaf because they compete on price. The trouble is that a cheap loaf of white sliced bread is not special. Would you drive to the next suburb to buy that loaf? Would you base a Sunday brunch menu for cherished friends around it? That cheap loaf is plain and simple. It does the job – toast with vegemite for a family on the run or a ham and cheese school lunch sandwich – but it’s not memorable or special.

Your organising services are memorable, customised, special. You offer your ideal client transformation and enlightenment and freedom.

If you’ve been competing on price, like the 99c no-name supermarket loaf, it’s time to stop and consider what kind of bread you are.

One fabulous organiser I know, who injects fun and laughter into her sessions with clients, says she’s a Fruit Loaf.

Another, who offers an unusual and specialised service, says she’s a pumpernickel. She said, “Not everyone’s cup of tea but, for the minority who like it, they really appreciate the quality and effort that goes into making it juuuust right.”

Still another said, “Can I be a chocolate croissant?” Of course! Who doesn’t love a chocolate croissant?

I myself might be a crusty sourdough, developing over time. Flavourful and reliable.

Let me tell you a story. I was at a networking meeting once, when this question was posed:

Who is your target market?

One responded with “I run a bakery in Warrandyte. My target market is anyone who wants to buy bread.” And everyone else in the room shook their heads and groaned. I hope that person is now enjoying a thriving bakery trade. Unfortunately, on that day, they just didn’t understand that “anyone who wants to buy bread” can go to the local supermarket. Warrandyte is a leafy suburb on the north-eastern edge of Melbourne. People who live there say they enjoy the country feeling. It’s a popular spot for weekend picnics. Visitors enjoy the village atmosphere and the many galleries, craft shops and coffee shops. That bakery’s target market is more likely someone looking for a crusty artisan loaf to enjoy with a charcuterie platter or a classic vanilla slice to eat by the Yarra River.

Just like bakeries, each and every organising service is unique. When you consider your branding, celebrate all the wonderful things that make you unique. There’s a target market waiting for you and your unique flavour.


target market loaf of bread

  1. Britta Reinecke 4 years ago

    I love this Angela! I am definitely a home made sourdough (it’s actually what I bake at home too). For this it takes quality ingredients, love and time. My sourdough typically takes 24 hours to prepare and bake. It has strong crust, a complex structure, and a delicate centre. Much like me and my biz!

    • Avatar photo Author
      Angela 4 years ago

      Brilliant! “Quality ingredients, love and time” – that’s perfect.

  2. Kristina Duke 4 years ago

    Mmm, bread.

    I think I see my business as the 6 pack of those delicious rolls with pumpkin seeds on top.

    It’s a team effort on some jobs so you may need more than one roll. We do the job without a lot of fan fair but are just a little bit more special than the boring white rolls

    • Avatar photo Author
      Angela 4 years ago

      Great analogy! And pumpkin seeds are good for you.

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