Memorabilia can take the form of many things. It could beTrue Value of Memorabilia

  • a random collection of childhood detritus
  • the postcards your grandfather sent to your grandmother while they were courting
  • tickets from all the concerts you’ve attended
  • an old baby blanket, tattered and stained, complete with drool and dirt, from years of being dragged around Linus-style
  • school yearbooks and the school tie

But let’s face it, not everything that’s old, or that’s been in the family for a long time, is worthy of keeping and giving up precious space for.

The true value of memorabilia is not in the dollars and cents you could sell it for in an antique auction. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Antiques Roadshow, you’ll remember the people who’ve just heard that their precious heirloom is worth thousands of pounds, but they wouldn’t give it up for the world. And then there are those who would happily trade their item because they picked it up in a car boot sale and they have no attachment to it.

The true value of memorabilia lies in the stories behind them, the poignant memories, the connection felt, and how that memorabilia has shaped you and the life you live.

It is the professional organiser’s job to help their client carefully curate the best of life’s memories, so that they can be enjoyed and shared with others. A good organiser can make sure those precious things are protected from harm, stored with care or displayed with honour.


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