Hooray! This semi-regular blog round up has a name – Organising Wisdom.  Look out for the wisdom of others that I’ll be sharing here.  If you’re into organising and you want to participate and share your wisdom too, drop me a line.

On with the show…

More interesting and varied articles about getting and staying organised from my colleagues in the organising world.

6 things I question about the Konmari method of organising by Amanda Lecaude from Organising You and Organising Students.

How a Vision Board Helps Organise Your Life by Carolyn Verhoef from Outside the Box Organisation Solutions.

21 Habits of Organised People by Chantal Imbach from Simply in Order.

To donate or not? by Christie Flora from Florandorder.

We all know The 3R’s, but what are The 10R’s™ and how will they reduce clutter in my life? by Tanya Lewis from EcoOrganiser

How to organise your clothes so that you can easily put an outfit together by Nathalie Ricaud from Get Organised & Beyond

Happy reading!





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