Have you’ve been asking yourself whether you could make a career as a professional organiser.

Maybe your friends and family have been telling you that you should use your skills to help more than just them.

Maybe you’re looking for a change of direction, and a way to help people change direction too.

These are all signs that you should indeed become a professional organiser.

Let me help with that decision by sharing the answers to two of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Is it possible to make a living as an organiser?

A: Yes, I know lots of organisers who are making a success of their business.

Q: Is the market already saturated?

A: No, there’s plenty of room for more organisers. The market is growing and the possibilities are growing along with it.  If you have specific questions about your market and your business ideas, I’d be happy to talk 1:1.

In coming weeks, I’ll write more about becoming an organiser.  If you have questions that can’t wait, drop me a line.  I love to talk about organising!

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