One of my favourite pens ran out of ink. Sad face.

No problem. I knew that I had a refill somewhere in my desk drawer. Happy face.

I opened the drawer and started my search. I searched and I searched. As I dug deeper I found pens. Lots of pens. The deeper I dug, the more pens I found. Shocked face.

“Oh how ridiculous!”, I thought. What does an organiser do when faced with this? Of course she sorts the pens, makes some decisions, declutters some pens, donates some pens, clears some space and makes it easier to find what she needs next time.

The process is familiar. Make an assessment, set a goal, set boundaries, make some decisions, take action, enjoy the new space.

Here’s the thing. I have a handy pen caddy on my desk that holds my favourite pens, highlighters, scissors and pencils. I rarely need to go to my desk for these things.


Here’s the other thing. How many pens does an organiser need? I guess it just goes to show I’m human after all. 😉


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