What’s your organising superpower?  Consider this… everybody, yes everybody, has at least one thing they do well, and where they are organised.

It might be that

  • you always have food in the fridge so you can cook a healthy meal
  • you never miss a flight
  • you can find a pen when you need one
  • you start your day with a to do list and get at least one important thing on that list ticked off
  • you remember birthdays
  • your kids get to school on time
  • you always have clean clothes to wear
  • you schedule a gym session and follow through
  • you brush your teeth every day

Too often we focus on what we are not doing well.  I want you to think about what you do get done, what does come easily.  When you’ve found that one thing, think about why it works for you.  Analysing your successes, and then building on those, will get you one step closer to the organised person you want to be.



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